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l The wind blows chill across those gloomy waves ;—
Oh! how unlike the green and dancing main!
The surge is foul, as if it rolled o’er graves;
Stranger, here lie the cities of the plain.

2 Yes, on that plain, by wild waves covered now,
. Rose palace once, and sparkling pinnacle;
On pomp and spectacle beamed morning’s glow, ‘
On pomp and festival the twilight fell. '

3 Lovely and splendid all,-—but Sodom’s soul
Was stained with blood, and pride,and perjury;
Long warned, long spared, till her whole heart was foul,
And fiery vengeance on its clouds came nigh.

'4 And still she mocked, and danced, and, taunting spoke
, Her sportive blasphemies against the Throne;—
It came !—-the thunder on her slumber broke:—
God spake the word of wrath!-—Her dream was done.

5 Yet, in her final night, amid her stood
Immortal messengers; and pausing Heaven,
Pleaded with man, but she was quite imbued,
Her last hour waned, she scorned to be forgiven!

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7 They rush, they bound, they how], the men of sin;-:

' Still stooped the cloud, still burst the thicker blaze;

The earthquake heavedl—Then-sank the hideous din!
Yon wave of darkness ofer their ashes strays.

8 -PARISl thy soul is deeper dyed with blood,
And long, and blasphemous, has been thy day;
And, PARIS! it were well for thee that flood,
Or fire, could cleanse thy damning stains away.

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Bear me on, thou restless ocean;
Let the winds the canvass swell-—
Heaves my heart with warm emotion,
While I go far hence to dwell.
Glad I bid thee, ‘
Native land !—FAREWELL--FABWELL!

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THE reader, that he may understand the design of this Appendix, is ‘ requested to turn back to page 52, and review with care all the remarks that are made under the head of Quantity. Few persons are aware to what extent the power of any tolerable voice may be increased, by the habit of a slow, clear, distinct enunciation. To acquire this habit, the pupil must accustom himself, by efforts often repeated, to fill,and swell, and prolong the open vowels. This may be done by uttering the simple elementary sounds, a, c, &c., with great stress. But as vocal sounds are intended to convey thoughts, and these single elements signify nothing, of themselves, the pupil is reluctant to exert his voice upon them, with sufficient strength to answer the purpose. The different sounds of a, as heard in fate, far, war, he can utter, but to do it with his voice at full stretch is unnatural ; it seems to him more like barking, or bleating, than like elocution. Whereas, let the sound to be made, be part of a. word, and that word part of a sentence,—4neaning something that ought to be uttered in a. loud, full note, and the difficulty is surmounted with comparative case.

To accomplish this, is the purpose of the following examples. In pro— nouncing them, the reader will remember that they are generally take; from the language of military command; and from other cases in which the persons addressed are supposed -to be at some distance from the speaker. The words printed in Italic, contain the vowel sounds on which the stress and quantity are to be laid. Imagine yourself to be speaking these words to those who are five or ten rods from you, and you will unavoidably acquire the habit of dwelling on the vowel with a slow, strong note.

The sounds most favorable to the objectfof this exercise are those of

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The selections are arranged promiscuously, several of the vowel sounds sometimes occurring in the same example.

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“The muster-ing place is Lanriok mead;

Speed forth the signal, Norman! Speed!” . Peace! Peace !-—To other than to me,

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