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The rules were republished in the docket of,cation or extension of an opinion, shall, withthe court, for the winter term of 1920, and in fifteen days (Sundays included) after the exhibit the following changes from the rules case is decided, file with the clerk of this as published in 154 S. W. vii; 191 S. W. vii; court a notice that it is desired to file such 207 S. W. vii:

a petition, and if this notice is not given VI.-Decision of cases Order of Sec

within the time named no such petition shall ond appeal.-Cases adjudicated by thereafter be permitted to be filed, and upon this court, and again brought up by appeal the expiration of the fifteen days the opinion may be advanced by leave of the court on shall be deemed to have been handed down motion of either party. Other cases will be and be then given out for publication: If decided as nearly as practicable in the order notice is given, the petition may be filed withof their submission, and will not be advanced, in the time now allowed by rules of the court. unless involving some public question, or

When the notice is given, the opinion shall great injury will result from the delay, nor not be deemed to have been handed down or unless the reasons why it should be advanced be given out for publication until the petiare stated in the motion.

tion filed has been disposed of.

In other respects the present rules as to XIII.-(1) Petitions for rehearing-When

petitions for rehearing shall remain in may be filed in clerk's office.- When time is

force. extended to file a petition for rehearing, and

(Adopted January 28, 1919.) the time expires during vacation, or where the court adjourns before the time for filing

XVIII.-Docket, how arranged-Clerk to a petition for rehearing has expired, the notify parties-Statement of counsel.—To enfiling of the petition with the clerk in the able the court at the opening of each term to clerk's office within the time shall be held proceed with the business before it, the sufficient. The clerk, however, has no right clerk is directed to docket the commonwealth to extend the time for filing, and this can cases and all cases from the first and second only be done by an order from one of the appellate districts, for the first day of each judges.

term, and the cases from the third, fourth, (2) Petitions for rehearing--How disposed

and fifth appellate districts, on Wednesday, of-Ten copies.-Petitions for rehearing shall the third day of each term, and cases from be considered by a judge other than the one the sixth and seventh appellate districts on who delivered the opinion in the case. The Friday, the fifth day of each term. When a petition must be printed, and ten copies must record is filed he will set the case and notify be filed.

the parties or their counsel of the day it is (3) Petitions for rehearing-Extension of set for. The appellant in his statement of time.—No extension of time for filing a peti parties to the appeal, will give the name and tion for rehearing will be granted except up- address of appellee's counsel or if none, apon the affidavit or statement of the attorney pellee's address. or client stating sufficient cause therefor. XXI.--Sessions of Court-Oral arguments

(4) Petitions for rehearing-Notice to ad- ! ---Filing motions in clerk's office.—Beginning verse party-Response.-A party filing a peti- with the winter term in January, 1917, the tion for rehearing must, before filing the court will sit every day during the call of same, furnish to counsel for the adverse the appearance docket, on which days no party a copy of the petition, and file with arguments will be heard. After the appearthe petition a notice showing that he has de- ance docket has been called, the Western livered to counsel the copy required, and the division will sit in open session only every adverse party shall have 10 days after the Tuesday of each week, and the Eastern diservice of the notice to file a response if he vision only every Friday each week, and desires to file one.

arguments will be heard only on these days. (Amended March 7, 1916.)

Motions may be filed with notice in the (5) Rehearing-Notice of intention to file clerk's office of the court on any day durpetition for-OpinionsWhen to be pub- ing the term, to have the same effect as if lished.-Opinions shall not be given out by filed in court on that day. Petitions for the clerk for publication in the Advance rehearing and briefs may also be filed with Sheets, Kentucky Reports, or the Southwest- notice in the clerk's office of the court on ern Reporter, except as hereinafter provid- any day of the term, to have the same effect ed; but he will send them as he now does as if filed in court on that day. All motions to the lawyers in the case.

filed in the clerk's office will be disposed of Parties, or their attorneys, who desire to by the court in the regular order of busifile a petition for rehearing or for the modifi- ness. 216 S.W.


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