D. Bogue, 1856 - 215 sider

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Side iii - For, like strains of martial music, Their mighty thoughts suggest Life's endless toil and endeavor; And to-night I long for rest. Read from some humbler poet, Whose songs gushed from his heart, As showers from the clouds of summer, Or tears from the eyelids start; Who, through long days of labor, And nights devoid of ease, Still heard in his soul the music Of wonderful melodies. Such songs have power to quiet The restless pulse of care, And come like the benediction That follows after prayer.
Side 160 - Look aloft!" and be firm, and be fearless of heart. If the friend who embraced In prosperity's glow, With a smile for each joy, and a tear for each woe, Should betray thee when sorrows like clouds are arrayed, "Look aloft!
Side 95 - He wooes the bright sun o'er the lea With a flourish of his horn. So the thrush, the thrush, the old gray thrush, A merry, blithe old boy is he ; You may hear him on the roadside bush, Or the topmost twig of the mountain tree. To come with the balmy breath of Spring, And...
Side 88 - BIRD of the Ocean, Graceful in motion, ! Swift in thy passage from inland to sea ; Oft I in fancy pace Over thy dwelling place, Dear to thy nestlings and precious to me. Bright in eccentric flight, Gleaming with purest white, Floating through ether, all buoyant and free ; Raptured, I've seen thee swerve From thy fantastic curve, Dropping with call-note to sport on the lea. Oft when the billows foam, Far from thy native home...
Side 157 - He certainly enjoyed his life as a postman. He says: — O, the postman's life is as happy a life As any one's, I trow ; Wand'ring away where dragon-flies play, And brooks sing- soft and low ; And watching the lark as he soars on high, To carol in yonder cloud, "He sings in his labours, and why not I ?
Side vii - Mr. Capern's features have a striking resemblance to those of Oliver Goldsmith ; he has also the Doctor's sturdy build, though not his personal height. Nor is this the only point of resemblance to our dear Goldy. Mr. Capern has an ear for music, he plays touchingly on the flute, and sings his own songs to his own tunes with striking energy or tenderness.
Side 161 - If toiling away through a weary week (No six days' work but seven) Without one holy hour to seek A resting place in heaven : " If hearing the bells ring Sabbath chimes, To bid us all repair To church (as in the olden times) And bend the knee in prayer : " If in these bells he hears a voice ' To thy delivery ! ' God says to every soul ' rejoice,
Side 19 - Devon gave the Men." The brave old men of Devonshire ! 'Tis worth a world to stand As Devon's sons, on Devon's soil, Though infants of the band ; And tell old England to her face, If she is great in fame, 'Twas good old heart of Devon oak That made her glorious name. Speak out, old sea-dog DRAKE — speak out ! And RALEIGH of renown ; GILBERT, and...
Side 29 - Charity's a cure for railing, Suffers much, is all-prevailing. Courage, then, and be forgiving, — Live in love ; 'tis pleasant living. Let thy loving be a passion, Not a complimental fashion ! Love is wisdom, ever proving True philosophy is loving : Hast thou known that bitter feeling, 'Gendered by our hate's concealing ? Better love, though e'er so blindly, E'en thy foes will call it kindly. Words are wind : oh let them never Friendship's golden love-cords sever ! Nor be angry, though another...
Side 57 - These white-ruffled daisies with golden-dipped eyes, These buttercups gleaming like summer-lit skies, These violets adorned with rich purple and blue, These primroses fragrant and innocent too ; And lastly, the sweetest and richest, I ween, Of all thy fair daughters, my beautiful Spring, The buddings that stud all thy pathways with green, Say, where were they gathered to shake from thy wing ? POEMS.

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