before the American public with the following dedi- ; the topics of London, at this moment, and, in my cation to one who has indeed " thrown the soft light opinion, if it fare as well, as to preservation, as the of romance and song over our working-day life in Venus de Medicis, it will be more admired than that America." We transfer it to our pages with sincere first marble in the world, when London shall be what pleasure.

Rome is now. Power should be idolized by woman for the divine type of her, by which he has now ele

vated man's ideal of the sex. That so wonderfully DEAR GENERAL. — While every body else - in this beautiful thing can be true to nature—that this divine land of noise, steam, and trouble,” has been toiling mould is unquestionably like some women-a convicvut life, your business has been to live in society-your tion that must strike every beholder, at the same time pass-time has been with the muses. You have thrown that it makes him thank God that he is born one of the soft light of romance and song, over our working- { this « kind," and makes him adore woman more inday life in America. How many times, years ago, tensely than before. This Greek slave stands for did the - Mirror" come like a winged messenger sale in the Turkish bazaar.-Her dress hangs over of peace and love, to our quiet homes, in the still

the pillar against which she leans, and she is nude country! How many of these cheerful homes where with the exception of the chain hung from wrist to more cheerful when it came ! We used to go to the wrist. It is a girl of eighteen, of beauty just perfected. village post office, Saturday evening, to get the iMIR- A particular criticism of the figure and limbs would ROR," and then come home and teaze our sistershardly be interesting to those who are not to see the for we would read it first; and they would come statue, and I can only speak of the expression of the and look over our shoulders, and beg us to let them } face, which is one that gives the nude figure a comtake it just a minute, to see General Morris's last plete character of purity—a look of calm and lofty song, and we would not give it up until we had read { indignation, wholly incapable of willing submission to it, and then they would go off and thump away on the her captors. Power has secured by this work, I piano-forte, just to leaze us, Dear sisters!—some of { fancy, commissions enough for new works to fully them are care-worn mothers, and some are angels occupy his time. It was bought by an Englishman now.

who has been offered four times the sum for it. If It seems a " a long time ago”—Those bright homes

we are to believe one of the London critics (?) the around which you have poured so much romance, and chief merit of the statue is due to Mrs. Trollope, who such sweet song-we've wandered away from them discovered Power's genius when he was making wax and we thought we would be happy in the great figures in Cincinnati, and induced him to embrace world--! And now when we are tired, and crazed, the art and go to Italy!!! we wish we could go back again-We did go back, and we looked for the flowers, and they were deadthe old songs and the bright eyed sisters, and the loved Tue CopyrigHT LAW OF ENGLAND, AS AFFECTING ones, and they were gone,

all gone ;” and we bowed Foreign AUTHORS.-A case of some interest to foreign over the ruins of the altars of our early love, and authors has been decided in the English Court of Exwept.

chequer. When I think of those deserted homes over the

An action was brought by Mr. Chappel to recover deep sea, whose sad ruins still seem so beautiful, I damages for the infringement of his supposed copythink of you, and when the - New Mirror” comes I s right in the music of the Overture to Auber's Fra read your songs at I used to, and try to feel as you

Diavolo, which was sold by the composer to inade me feel fifteen years ago.

I wish I could pour Troupinas, who assigned his interest to one Latour, some sun-light around a heart that has poured so much

from whom the plaintiff took his assignment. The around mine. I'll try! You love a good romance

defendant, Mr. Purday, having published and sold I know. I offer you the best in the Italian tongue. copies of the same music, the action was brought to li you happen to while away an idle hour over these restrain him from doing so. beautiful creations as gaily as I have many a one in

- The Chief Baron stated there were two questions trying to transfuse the bright dreams of Italian romance

_first, whether the plaintiff could claim any copyinto the rude speech of the north, I shall be well paid { right under the circumstances of the case; and secfor my toil.

ondly, whether failing that, he was protected by the I commit this little messenger from the land of statute laws of England. As to the first question, Dante to the New World to your keeping, and there

there was no doubt whatever, that no foreigner resi. is no one I would love to trust it with so well. ding abroad, and there composing a work could Faithfully, yours, C. EDWARDS LESTER.

claim any protection for this work by the common Gexoa Palazzo LOMELLINA. Z

law of this country. A copyright is a creature of New Year's Evening, 1845. S

the municipal law of each country, and must be gove

erned by its statutes, which have no extra-territorial A more touching and beautiful dedication we have power.

A British subject, may, therefore, at comHow many and many a heart will res- mon law, print and publish any French work in Eng.

land. pond to its truth!

And the next question is, whether as regards the defendant, that power is in any way affected by

the statutes relating to this subject. The terms of Power's GREEK SLAVE.-Mr. Willis, writing these statutes do not apply to foreign authors and from London, thus speaks of this piece of sculpture. their works. His lordship examined at some length

Power's statue of the GREEK Slave,” is one of the several cases which were cited, and corcluded by


never seen.

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saying that their result was that neither a foreign thor of . Destiny," and the “ Inheritance." of the author nor his assignee was protected in England writer of this work, Walter Scoll, spoke thus in the by the statutes, if the work in question should ap- conclusion of his Tales of My Landlord. “There pear to have been first published elsewhere than in remains behind not only a large harvest, but laborers this country. The plaintiff was nonsuited.”

capable of gathering it in. More than one writer has of late displayed talents of this description, and if the

present author, himself a phantom, may be permitCHEAP Music.-Since the last number of our

ted to distinguish a brother or sister shadow, he magazine was published, Ferrett & Co. have issued,

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great call for an edition of this book, and we are glad . Return to me, ah! brother dear;" sung by Miss

to see it supplied. Inheritance,” by the saine auInce-“Ah! Doomed Maiden"-sung by Mr. Seguin- thor, is in press. Ferrett & Co. have also issued a and « Grant me one only hour," sung by Mr. Frazer. | cheap reprint of another old, but highly popular book, This selection is beautifully printed, and sold at an

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