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EXPLANATION OF THE LETTERS SUBJOINED TO THE NAMES OF PLACES. bo.....borough hun... hundred ra......rape

West chap...chapelry la......lathe ti. .. tithing

N. North co.....county lib.. ... liberty to.. .. township

South dis.... district m. town vil .... village

S.E. .. South-East div.... division pa. parish

wap....wapentake S. W....South-West ext.p.. extra parochial pre.... precinct

ward...wardship N. E....North-East ham...hamlet ar ..quarter E. .. East

N. W... North-West E. R. York.-N. R. York.-or W. R. York...... East, North, or West Riding of Yorkshire.

Names of Places


Dist. Popu.
Lond lation.

Number of Miles from

34 Abbas Combe pa Somerset Wincanton .3 Milborne Porto Shaftesbury. 8 105 15 Abbenhall.

pa Gloucester. Newnham ..4 Mitchel Deap 1 Monmouth. 13 116 33 Abberbury* .pa Salop

Shrewsbury.8 Melverly 3 Montgomery 15 | 161 42 Abberley

pa Worcester Bewdley....6 Tenbury 11 Kidderminst. 8 125 14 Abberton.

.pa Essex

Colchester..4 Witham.. 12 Maldon. ...13 47 42 Abberton..

pa Worcester .. Pershore ...6 Alcester. .8 Worcester ..10 103 29 Abberwick. Northumber Alnwick ...3 Wooler.. 14 Rothbury....7 311 58 Abber-cwm-Hir...chap Radnor..... Rhayader.6 Knighton... 15 Presteign...18 186 9 Abbey-Dore

pa Hereford

Hereford ..11 Hay. 14 Ross .16 140 17 | Abbey-Holmt. pa Cumberland Wigton.....6 Allonby 7 | Carlisle 17 309

448 235 1799 590 203

90 135 368 533 3056

* ABBERBURY, or Alberbury, a parish and township, partly in the hundreds of Cawrse and Deythur, in the county of Montgomery, and partly in that of Ford, in the county of Salop. Warine, sheriff of this county in the reign of Henry I., founded an abbey for black monks, a cell to Guardmont, in Limosin, which, at the suppression of alien priories was bestowed by Henry VI. upon the college founded by Archbishop Chiechley. Benthall

, Eyton, Rowton, Amaston, and Wollaston, are all townships of this parish. At Glyn, in this parish, is the celebrated Old Parr's Old Parr's cottage, which has undergone but little alteration since his cottage and time; it is timber-framed, rare, and picturesque, within view of Rodney's who lived in Pillar on Bredden Hill, in Montgomeryshire. În Wollaston Chapel is a the reigns of brass plate, with his portrait thus inscribed:

- The old, old, very and queens. old man, Thomas Parr, was born at the Glyn, in the township of Wennington, within the chapelry of Great Wollaston, and parish of Alberbury, in the county of Salop, 1483. He lived the reigns of ten kings and queens of England, viz. King Edward IV., King Edward V., King Richard III., King Henry VII., King Henry VIII., King Edward VI., Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James Í., and Charles I. ; he died in London, (sixteen years after his presentation to King Charles,) on the 13th of November, 1635, and was buried in Westminster Abbey, on the 15th of the same month, aged one hundred and fifty-two years and nine months. At the age of one hundred and five, Did pear he did penance in the church of Alberbury, for criminal connexion with age of 105. Catherine Milton, by whom he had offspring."

+ ABBEY-HOLM is a small town in the ward of Allerdale. The original consequence of this little town was derived from an abbey of Cistercian monks, founded here, about the twelfth century, by Henry I. of England, as the crown rolls imply. Its benefactors were many in number, and by the magnificent grants and privileges with which it was endowed, it acquired so much importance, that during the reigns of


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