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The following pages are translated from Une Famille Royaliste Irlandaise et Ecossaise et Le Prince Charles Edouard : a French publication unsigned but compiled from original mss. by the present Duc de la Trémoille, a descendant in the female line of the family of Walsh.

Of Irish origin, but settled in France, the Walshes were distinguished for ardent loyalty to the exiled Royal House of Stuart, and two brothers of the family were especially active in the service of Prince Charles Edward. The one, whose voyage to Scotland with the Prince in 1745 is here recorded, was created Earl Walsh by James III. (VIII.), and the other received from Louis xv. of France the title of Comte de Serrant, and was ancestor of the Duc de la Trémoille, who has given permission for this translation. His relative, another of the Walsh family, V. Hussey Walsh, Esq., has supplied valuable additional information and kind assistance; the letters which he has translated are marked H. W.

The French work, published at Nantes in 1901, was reviewed by The Scotsman in November of that year and likewise by The Dundee Advertiser. In these reviews the suggestion was made that an edition in English was desirable, and this translation is the result.

Not a few fresh details relative to Prince Charles Edward and his adherents are given in the volume, and the log-book of the Doutelle, which bore him to Scotland, appears on its pages for the first time. It is in the hope that these will prove interesting that the work is now offered to the public by

The Translator


PERTH, December 1903.

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