Complete in Five Volumes, THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE INDEXES. 1. The first two Volumes of General Indexes, from 1731 to 1787. By the Rev. S. AYSCOUGH, F.S.A. Price 21. 128. 6d.

II. General Indexes. Vol. III. and IV. from 1787 to 1818, both inclusive. With a Prefatory Introduction, descriptive of the Rise and Progress of the Magazine ; Anecdotes of the original Projector and his early Associates, and a Portrait of E. Cave. By J. NICHOLS, F.S.A. Price 31. 38.

III. General Index, Vol. V. being a complete List and Index to the Plates and Wood-cuts from 1731 to 1818. By C. ST. BARBE, jun. Esq. F.S.A. With a Portrait of the Rev. Samuel Ayscough. Price 108. 6d.

These Indexes are of the greatest utility to those who possess the whole Set of this most antient and best-supported' Magazine. They will remove those impediments that would have otherwise existed in discovering any particular information amongst so extensive a collection of Volumes. By such an auxiliary the Gentleman's Magazine forms a species of Encyclopedia, ranging from Science to Art-from History to Poetry-from the Belles-Lettres to Antiquities; and presenting a fund of materials for Biography, which may be drawn upon without fear of exhaustion. Vols. I. to IV. are divided into Seven dis.. tinct Portions, according to the principal divisions of the Magazine :

1. Essays, Original Letters, &c. &c.
2. Select Poetry, antient and modern.
3. Books Reviewed.
4. Books announced for Publication.
5. Musical Publications.
6. Plates.

7. Promotions, Births, Marriages, Obituary, &c.
It is of such an Index that Dr. Johnson thus emphatically speaks :

“The utility of a General Index to so miscellaneous a Work as the GenTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, when, by the Indulgence of the Public, it has increased to (THE HUNDREDTH] Volume, is too evident to be questioned ; and we therefore hope that we are now making some return to our friends, however unequal, for the favours we have received; for not to be able to find what we know to be in our possession, is a more vexatious circumstance than the mere want of what we have neglected to procure. This Index will not only assist the Forgetful, but direct the Inquisitive. It will enable those who read for higher purposes than mere Amusement, to class the many subjects which our extensive Plan has included, and to bring together much useful Knowledge in Theology, Morality, Politicks, Commerce, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Biography.”


COMPLETE SETS, IN BOARDS, OF THE NEW SERIES, comprising the last twenty-five years, from 1808 to 1832, inclusive, price 171. 10s. (being half the original cost) ; or almost any volume or number within that period may be had. Published by John Harris, St. Paul's Church-yard.


From Drawings by G. F. ROBSON,
Containing XXXII Engravings by the very first Artists.

Edited by J. BRITTON, F.S.A. A few Copies of this very beautiful Work are on Sale, at half the original price ; in 4to, 21. 28.; or Proofs on Imperial 4to, 41. 48.

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