Transactions of the Connecticut State Agricultural Society, for the Year ...


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Side 9 - Company," and by that name shall have perpetual succession, and shall be able to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended, in all courts of law and equity within the United States, and may make and have a common seal.
Side 9 - Society shall have power to appoint such officers as they may deem expedient, and also to make, ordain, establish and put in execution such by-laws and regulations as shall be deemed necessary and convenient for the well ordering and...
Side 197 - ... the amount of one share, and the residue to the president and directors to be elected, at such time and place, as they shall from time to time require. The shares subscribed shall be deemed and considered to be personal estate.
Side 10 - ... light in which the law-makers considered the incorporating clause. I mean the tenth; which, notwithstanding that the same clause, .in the seventh section, which is supposed to confer this sweeping power to sue, confers also, in terms equally comprehensive, the power to make laws for the institution, and "to do and execute all and singular the matters and things, which to them it shall and may appertain to do...
Side 12 - The Society shall hold an Annual Cattle Show and Fair at such time and place as shall be designated by the Executive Committee.
Side 9 - Haraszihy, and such other persons as shall associate with them, be, and they are hereby incorporated by the name and style of " the Wisconsin Bridge Company...
Side 122 - That useful and valuable fruit, the gooseberry, which is now considered so important in Europe, is with difficulty raised here, the berry so soon becomes scabbed or covered with a dirty fungus.
Side 11 - That the officers of the said society shall consist of a president, two vice-presidents, a corresponding secretary, a recording secretary, a treasurer...
Side 9 - At a General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, holden at New Haven, in said State, on the first Wednesday of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six: — Ratifying the Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
Side 104 - Patterson and Mr. Catón, of this place, the whole being a present from the celebrated Mr. Coke, Member of Parliament for Norfolk, the richest and most practical farmer in England, who gives the following description of these cattle : — I venture to give it as my opinion, that we have no cattle to be compared to them in the United Kingdom, for purity of blood, for aptitude to feed, for hardiness, as well...

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