A Table of the Right Ascension and Declination of fome of the principal fixed Stars, adapted to the Year 1796, with their Annual Variation.

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It is obvious, that by the Sun's Annual Motion, he is perpetually changing his Declination and Right Ascenfion, which is set down in the preceding Table for the Noon of every Day at London; and may be reduced to any other Time or Meridian, as has been already shewn in finding the Longitude. By the Procession of the Equinoxes, the fixed Stars are continually altering their Longitudes, Right Ascensions, and Declinations, the Alteration in Longitude is about 50 Seconds every Year; the Alteration in Right Ascension and Declination of some of the principal fixed Stars are set down in the preceding Table for 1796; and their Annual Variation, which being applied to the Right Ascenfien and Declination in the Table, by Addition or Subtraction, gives the Right Ascension and Declination for any succeeding Years. The Right Ascenfion of the Sun, Moon, or Stars, is the Number of Degrees of the Equinoëtial that comes to the Meridian with them, counted from the first Point of Aries. The Use of the Tables of the Right Ascenfion of the Sun and Stars is to find the Time when any Star culminates, or is upon the Meridian on a given Day. -

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To find what Star will come upon the Meridian at any given Time.
R U L E.

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A Table shewing the Time of the Sun, Moon, and Stars' Setting, when they have North Declination, or
- the Time of their Rising, when they have South Declination.

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