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Printed for T. ASTLEY, at the Rose over-against the

North-Door of St. Paul's.

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HE'Reception our MAGAZINE

meets with among all Ranks T and Degrees of Men, renders it

unnecessary for us to make any Answer to the Criticisms, or

Objections, fome are pleased to make. When the Criticisms are true, or the Objections well-founded, a future Amendment is the best Answer; when they are otherwise, we shall rely upon the Judgment and good Sense of our Readers. But we hope no Gentleman will expect, we should perform Impossibilities, or that every Thing we publish should be perfect in its kind. All we can do is to chuse the best, and


to give our Readers nothing that is trifling.
This we have done, this we shall take as
much Care as possible to do. Therefore we
need add no more, but to return Thanks
to the Publick for the Encouragement they
have been pleased to give us; and to inform
them, that as we published an APPENDIX
to, the Month of October, we shall publish
no Appendix to- our MAGAZINE for this
Year, which is the Reason of our having
given the proper Indexes in the Month of


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A Vicco of the Weekly Essays and Disputės in this Month.

prove in the Arts of War, as well Craftsman, Dec. 30. N° 651. as Peace, their Condition will be The prefent State of TRADE, and its

ftill more dangerous; for every NaImportance to the Nation.

tion must be judg'd weak or strong,

by Comparison with their Neighbours T is Demonstration, and Rivals.

that a declining Trade A These Positions, perhaps, may. I must render a Nation not be agreeable to come Persons,

weaker and weaker, by whose Views are confin'd to the pre

exhausting, the publick fent Time, and who have no farther Wegkeh, and consequently finking the Regard than to their own Ease and Value of Landed éftates. The Con Security; which makes them endeasequences of this will be the more vour to amuse the Publick, by con. dangerous, if at the fame Time their B cealing the Truth, and gloffing Rivals in Trade and Power increase Things over, in order to evade fuck in Wealth, and are daily extending an Enquiry as is necessary for the their Commerce and Dominions ; since, Preservation of our Rights and Proin case of a War, it will produce a perties. bike Inequality of Power ; or if such My Adversary in the Gazetteer, a flourishing Nation fhould think fit to contents himself with instancing our keep great Armies in Pay, in Time C Buildings, Furniture, wrought Plates of Peace, the other must be at such Jewels, and the Reduction of Inte. an Expence as is neceffary for their rest, as Proofs of our flourishing CirPreservation, and to prevent their cumstances, and the Increase of our being furpriz’ds which will soon national Wealth. But; as an inge waste a Treasure, already impair'd, nious Writer very justly obferves; by an Over-balance in Trade, But " our Buildings, Furniture, wrought if the People happen to grow effe- D Plate and Jewels

, are Arguments of minate, luxurious, corrupt, and undif- our Luxury, but no Proof of the Inciglind, whilf theis Neighbours im creafe of our Weakh , and the prea


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