The Law Magazine and Law Review: Or, Quarterly Journal of Jurisprudence, Volum 10

Butterworths, 1861

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Side 369 - ... upon such evidence of criminality as, according to the laws of the place where the fugitive or person so charged shall be found, would justify his apprehension and commitment for trial if the crime or offence had there been committed...
Side 369 - If, on such hearing, he deems the evidence sufficient to sustain the charge under the provisions of the proper treaty or convention, he shall certify the same, together with a copy of all the testimony taken before him to the Secretary of State, that a warrant may issue upon the requisition of the proper authorities of such foreign government for the surrender of such person, according to the stipulations of the treaty...
Side 186 - We are not insensible to the consideration that the holding damage to be essential to the cause of action may extend the time during which persons working minerals and making excavations may be made responsible ; but we think that the right which a man has is to enjoy his own land in the state and condition in which nature has placed it, and also to use it in such manner as he thinks fit, subject always to this : that, if his mode of using it does damage to hjs neighbour, he must make compensation.
Side 246 - M. became pregnant, and sick with child, and so remained and continued for a long space of time, to wit...
Side 249 - ... which he believed might be had for little or no money ; that they accordingly went, and met with the said gentleman, and after some small discourse, they dealt for the said horse, &c. That your orator, and the said Joseph Williams, continued their joint dealings together in several places ; viz. at Bagshot, in Surrey; Salisbury, in Wiltshire; Hampstead, in Middlesex; and elsewhere, to the amount of £2000 and upwards.
Side 247 - E., was forced and obliged to, and did necessarily pay, lay out, and expend, divers sums of money, amounting in the whole to a large sum of money, to wit, the sum of...
Side 399 - Prayer is prescribed in that behalf: neither shall any person be admitted godfather or godmother to any child at christening or confirmation, before the said person so undertaking hath received the holy communion.
Side 340 - And lastly, let us consider the false appearances that are imposed upon us by words, which are framed and applied according to the conceit and capacities of the vulgar sort: and although we think we govern our words, and prescribe it well, loquendum ut vulgus, sentiendum utsapientes; yet certain it is that words, as a Tartar's bow, do shoot back upon the understanding of the wisest, and mightily entangle and pervert the judgment.
Side 249 - Williams informed your orator that there was a gentleman at Blackheath who had a good horse, saddle, bridle, watch, sword, cane, and other things to dispose of, which, he believed, might be had for little or no money ; that they accordingly went, and met with the said gentleman, and, after some small discourse, they dealt for the said horse, &c.
Side 148 - ... that the action was really brought to try a right besides the mere right to recover damages for the trespass or grievance for which the action shall have been brought, or that the trespass or grievance in respect of which the action was brought was wilful and malicious.

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