A Short Course in Inorganic Qualitative Analysis: For Engineering Students

J. Wiley & Sons, 1909 - 294 pagina's

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Pagina 300 - Power i2mo, 3 oo Folwell's Water-supply Engineering 8vo, 4 oo Frizell's Water-power 8vo, 5 oo Fuertes's Water and Public Health I2mo, i 50 Water-filtration Works I2mo, 2 50 Ganguillet and Kutter's General Formula for the Uniform Flow of Water in Rivers and Other Channels.
Pagina 309 - MINERALOGY. Barringer's Description of Minerals of Commercial Value. Oblong, morocco, 2 50 Boyd's Resources of Southwest Virginia 8vo, 3 oo Map of Southwest Virignia Pocket-book form.
Pagina 302 - Trautwine's Method of Calculating the Cubic Contents of Excavations and Embankments by the Aid of Diagrams 8vo, 2 oo The Field Practice of {Laying Out Circular Curves for Railroads.
Pagina 301 - Du Bois's Mechanics of Engineering. Vol. I. Kinematics, Statics, Kinetics Small 4to, 7 50 Vol. II. The Stresses in Framed Structures, Strength of Materials and Theory of Flexures Small 4to, 10 00 * Eckel's Cements, Limes, and Plasters 8vo, 6 00 Stone and Clay Products used in Engineering.
Pagina 305 - Barr's Kinematics of Machinery 8vo, 2 50 * Bartlett's Mechanical Drawing 8vo, 3 oo * " "
Pagina 293 - Kemp and Waugh's Landscape Gardening. (New Edition, Rewritten. In Preparation.) * McKay and Larsen's Principles and Practice of Butter.making...
Pagina 299 - Greene's Arches in Wood, Iron, and Stone 8vo, 2 50 Bridge Trusses 8vo, 2 50 Roof Trusses 8vo, 1 25 Grimm's Secondary Stresses in Bridge Trusses 8vo, 2 50 Heller's Stresses in Structures and the Accompanying Deformations.. . ,8vo, 3 00 Howe's Design of Simple Roof-trusses in Wood and Steel 8vo.
Pagina 301 - Materials of Construction Large 8vo, 6 oo Keep's Cast Iron 8vo, 2 50 Kidder's Architects and Builders...
Pagina 306 - Air i2mo, i 50 Robinson's Principles of Mechanism 8vo, 3 oo Schwamb and Merrill's Elements of Mechanism 8vo, 3 oo Smith's...
Pagina 305 - History of Modern Mathematics, by David Eugene Smith. No. 2. Synthetic Projective Geometry, by George Bruce Halsted. No. 3. Determinants, by Laenas Gifford Weld. No. 4. Hyperbolic Functions, by James McMahon. No. 5. Harmonic Functions, by William E. Byerly. No. 6. Grassmann's Space Analysis, by Edward W. Hyde. No. 7.

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