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price price Wentworth's Elementary Arithmetic..

$0.30 $0.40 Wentworth's Practical Arithmetic,

.65 .75 Wentworth's Mental Arithmetic....

.30 .35 Wentworth's Primary Arithmetic. (Wentworth and Reed). .30 .40 Wentworth's Grammar School Arithmetic.

.65 .75 Wentworth's Advanced Arithmetic

1.00 Wentworth and Hill's Exercises in Arithmetic. (Complete) .80 .90 Wentworth and Reed's First Steps in Number Teacher's Edition. (Complete)...

.90 Pupil's Edition...

.35 Wentworth's First Steps in Algebra


.70 Wentworth's School Algebra

I.I2 1.25 Wentworth's New School Algebra

I.I2 1.25 Wentworth's Higher Algebra.

1.40 1.55 Wentworth's Elements of Algebra..

I.I2 1.25 Wentworth's Complete Algebra.....

1.40 1.55 Wentworth's Shorter Course in Algebra... Wentworth's College Algebra. (Revised Edition). 1.50 1.65 Wentworth and Hill's Exercises in Algebra. (Complete).... .70 .80 Wentworth and Hill's First Steps in Geometry..

.60 .65 Wentworth's Plane and Solid Geometry: (Revised). 1.25 1.40 Wentworth's Plane Geometry. (Revised)

.75 .85 Wentworth's Solid Geometry. (Revised).

.75 .85 Wentworth's Plane and Solid Geometry and Plane Trigonometry. (Second Revision)

1.40 1.55 Wentworth's Analytic Geometry

1.25 1.35 Wentworth's Logarithms and Metric Measures.

.25 Wentworth's Geometrical Exercises

10 Wentworth's Syllabus of Geometry

:25 .27 Wentworth and Hill's Examination Manual in Geometry.. .50

.5.5 Wentworth and Hill's Exercise Manual in Geometry.. .70 .80 Wentworth's Plane Trigonometry. (Second Revised Edition) .60 .65 Wentworth's Plane Trigonometry and Tables. (Second Revised Edition)

.90 Wentworth's Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. (Second Revised Edition).

.85 .95 Wentworth's Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, with Tables. (Second Revised Edition).

1.20 1.30 Wentworth's Plane Trigonometry and Surveying, with Tables. (Second Revised Edition)..

1.35 Wentworth's Surveying and Tables. (Second Revised Edition) .80

.90 Wentworth's Plane and Spherical Trigonometry and Sur

veying, with Tables. (Second Revised Edition). 1.35 1.50 Wentworth's Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, Surveying, and Navigation. (Second Revised Edition).

1.30 Wentworth and Hill's Logarithmic and Trigonometric Tables. Seven tables.

.50 .55 Complete..


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GINN & COMPANY Publishers



Wentworth's Plane and Solid Geometry. Revised. 473 pages.

Illustrated. For introduction, $1.25.

Wentworth's Plane Geometry. Revised. 256 pages. Illustrated.

For introduction, 75 cents.

Wentworth's Solid Geometry. Revised.

For introduction, 75 cents.

229 pages. Illustrated.

The history of Wentworth’s Geometry is a study in evolution. It was the corner stone on which was built a now famous mathematical series.

Its arrangement and plan have always appealed to the eager student as well as to the careful teacher. It was the first to advocate the doing of original exercises by the pupils to give them independence and clear thinking. As occasion has offered, Professor Wentworth has revised the book in the constant endeavor to improve it and move it a little nearer the ideal. The present edition is a close approach to this end. It represents the 'consensus of opinion of the leading mathematical teachers of the country.

It stands for exact scholarship, great thoroughness, and the highest utility to both the student and the teacher.

In this new edition different kinds of lines are used in the figures, to indicate given, resulting, and auxiliary lines. These render the figures much clearer. In the Solid Geometry finely engraved woodcuts of actual solids have been inserted, for the purpose of aiding the pupil in visualization. They give just the necessary assistance. The treatment of the Theory of Limits is believed to be the best presentation of the subject in any elementary geometry.

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