A Complete History of the Most Remarkable Transactions at Sea: From the Earliest Accounts of Time to the Conclusion of the Last War with France... And in a More Particular Manner of Great Britain, from the Time of the Revolution, in the Year 1688, to the Aforesaid Period

W. B., 1720 - 800 sider

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Side 398 - ... and his men out of danger; which had been held in former times a point of great ability and circumspection; as if the principal art requisite in the captain of a ship had been to be sure to come home safe again. He was the first man...
Side 210 - The realms of ocean and the fields of air Are mine, not his; by fatal lot to me The liquid empire fell, and trident of the sea. His pow'r to hollow caverns is confin'd, There let him reign, the jailor of the wind: With hoarse commands his breathing subjects call, And boast and bluster in his empty hall.
Side 399 - He was the first that infused that proportion of courage into seamen, by making them see, by experience, what mighty things they could do if they were resolved, and taught them to fight in fire as well as upon the water; and though he has been very well imitated and followed, was the first that gave the example of that kind of naval courage, and bold and resolute achievements.
Side 398 - ... were difcovered by him to make a noife only, and to fright thofe who could rarely be hurt by them. He was the firft that...
Side 39 - States General of the United Provinces, in due acknowledgment on their part of the king of Great Britain's right to have his flag respected in the seas hereafter mentioned, shall and do declare and agree that whatever ships or vessels belonging to the...
Side 123 - When they had grappled the enemy with these iron spikes, if the ships happened to swing broadside to broadside, then the Romans boarded them from all parts ; but when they were obliged to grapple them on the bow, they entered two and two, by the help of this engine, the foremost defending the forepart, and those who followed the flanks, keeping the boss of their bucklers level with the top of the parapet.

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