The Works of the Rev. George Crabbe: In Five Volumes. Vol. I. [-V.].

John Murray, Albemarle-Street., 1823

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Side 231 - And let affection find the place. Oh ! take me from a world I hate, — Men cruel, selfish, sensual, cold ; And, in some pure and blessed state, Let me my sister minds behold : From gross and sordid views refined, Our heaven of spotless love to share, — For only generous souls design'd, And not a man to meet us there.
Side 122 - Her father thinking what his child would feel " ' From his hard sentence — still she came not home. " ' The night grew dark, and yet she was not come ; "
Side 229 - Oh ! let the herbs I loved to rear " ' Give to my sense their perfumed breath ; " ' Let them be placed about my bier, " ' And grace the gloomy house of death. " ' I'll have my grave beneath a hill, " ' Where, only Lucy's self shall know ; " ' Where runs the pure pellucid rill " ' Upon its gravelly bed below...
Side 230 - Nor for new guest that bed be made. There will the lark, the lamb, in sport, In air, on earth, securely play; And Lucy to my grave resort, As innocent, but not so gay. I will not have the churchyard ground With bones all black and ugly grown. To press ray shivering body round, Or on my wasted limbs be thrown.
Side 99 - And calmly rode the restless waves among. Nor pleased it less around me to behold, Far up the beach, the yesty sea-foam roll'd; Or from the shore upborn, to see on high, Its frothy flakes in wild confusion fly : While the salt spray that clashing billows form, Gave to the taste a feeling of the storm.
Side 277 - And bless'd the shower that gave me not to choose. In fact, I felt a languor stealing on ; The active arm, the agile hand were gone ; Small daily actions into habits grew, And new dislike to forms and fashions new : I loved my trees in order to dispose, I number'd peaches, look'd how stocks arose, Told the same story oft— in short, began to prose.
Side 329 - There is, I feel there is, a world beside ! " Martha, dear Martha ! we shall hear not then " Of hearts distress'd by good or evil men, " But all will constant, tender, faithful be...
Side 297 - Secrets with girls, like loaded guns with boys, " Are never valued till they make a noise ; " To show how trusted, they their power display; " To show how worthy, they the trust betray; " Like pence in children's pockets secrets lie " In female bosoms— they must burn or fly.
Side 276 - I rode or walk'd as I was wont before, " But now the bounding spirit was no more ; " A moderate pace would now my body heat, " A walk of moderate length distress my feet.
Side 229 - I'll have my grave beneath a hill, Where only Lucy's self shall know, Where runs the pure pellucid rill Upon its gravelly bed below : There violets on the borders blow, And insects their soft light display, Till, as the morning sunbeams glow, The cold phosphoric fires decay. That is the grave to Lucy shown, The soil a pure and silver sand ; The green cold moss above it grown, Unpluck'd of all but maiden hand. In...

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