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MAY 24, 1939

Copyright, 1906, by
A. S. BARNES & Co.

Many of the hymns and tunes in this book are copyright material and must

not be used without special permission.

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The editors of Church Hymns and Tunes desire briefly to state the guiding intentions in the compiling of this work.

They have been:

1. That it shall be a book of reasonable size, not a thesaurus of religious poems, but a moderate number of hymns for singing, carefully selected for their worth and beauty as expressions of Christian praise, and truth, and experience.

2. That the hymns selected shall have such lyric quality as to justify to modern judgment their being set to music and sung in the services of public worship.

3. That the tunes shall have dignity, worth, and appropriateness as music, and that their rhythmical accents shall always, as far as possible, coincide with the natural reading accents of the hymn.

4. That the best of the old and well-known hymns and tunes shall be retained.

5. That some of the best of the later and less known productions shall be included, to the end that our available possessions of worthy hymns and music may be enlarged and enriched.

These are high aims, and earnest efforts have been made towards reaching them. Careful thought and study have been given to a wide examination of ancient and modern hymnody in order to bring out of this treasure the best things, new and old. The selection includes hymns by authors belonging to almost every branch of the Christian Church.

The same care and thought have been given to seeking from all available sources of ancient melody and modern tune the best musical settings, being guided by our aims already stated and by the thought that the book is intended for the use of the congregation. There are many new tunes, mainly from the latest and best work of acknowledged leaders in English ecclesiastical music.

Much of the labor bestowed upon this work has been in directions where its success can only be recognized by thorough inspection and trial; but it is hoped and believed that appreciation will come with examination and will grow with use.

The editors desire to gratefully acknowledge their indebtedness to the friends, whose names cannot be separately mentioned, but who have rendered cordial and valuable help, and also to the many authors and composers whose hymns and tunes will be found in this collection.

Special thanks are due to those who have kindly given free permission for the use of copyright hymns — to the Rt. Rev. William C. Doane, D. D. for hymn 85; Rev. Washington Gladden, D.D. for hymn 362; Mrs. John Hay for the late Hon. John Hay's hymn, 423; Miss Alice M. Longfellow for nine hymns of the late Rev. Samuel W. Longfellow; Rossiter W. Raymond, Ph.D, for hymns 535 and 616; E. P. Dutton & Co., for the late Bishop Brooks' hymn, 132; Houghton, Mifflin and Company for the hymns of Mr. John G. Whittier, 291 and 420, and of Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, 107 and 626; Oliver Ditson & Co. for hymn 367.

The editors would also express their deep sense of obligation to the composers and owners of copyrights who have generously permitted the free use of their copyright tunes

-the Bigelow and Main Co. for “He Leadeth Me; " Mr. Walter Caldicott for “ Civitas Dei; ” Mrs. Arthur Cottman for “ Caterham,” “ Dalehurst,” “ Eversley,” “ Mirfield,” "St. Jude; ” the Rt. Rev. William C. Doane, D.D. for “ Ancient of Days; ” Mrs. A. E.

» Mrs.

Dyer for “Weston; " Mr. J. W. Elliott for “ Kemsing; ” Harvard University for “ Bethlehem ” (Barnby); Mr. H. M. Higgs for “ Cara Patria; " Mr. G. Everett Hill for “ Rex Triumphans; ” the Rev. J. S. B. Hodges, D.D. for “Watts " and "Eucharistic Hymn; the Rev. Charles L. Hutchins, D.D. for “ Materna," “ Penitence,” “ Pro Patria; F. G. Ilsley for Ilsley; Mr. C. S. Jekyll for “Stoneleigh;” Mr. J. C. Knox for

Knox; the Rev. Lindsay B. Longacre for “New America; ” Mr. L. H. Redner for “ St. Louis; ” Mr. F. L. Sealy for “ Cantus Gloriosus; ” the Rev. T. Herbert Spinney for “St. Denys; ” Mr. C. G. Verrinder for “Verrinder; Mr. Samuel Weeks for “ Burleigh,”

,” “ Lustleigh; ” Oliver Ditson & Co. for Diligence; " Thomas Nelson and Sons for “Marion; ” Presbyterian Board of Publication for “ Glad Day,” “ Pilgrim Host;” Psalms and Hymns Trust (London) for “ Ravenglas,” “Evening Shadows; ” Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge for “Lundy; " Weeks & Co. for “Camden Road," " Perivale."

Acknowledgment and thanks are also due to those who have allowed the purchase of permission to use the following copyright tunes to Mrs. Mary Blow for “Agnus Dei;” Mr. J. H. Gower, Mus. Doc. for “Meditation; ” Mr. W. Crofton Hemmons for “Aurora;” the Rev. W. Garrett Horder for “ Fides Patrum; ” Mr. Robert Jackson for “ Bekesbourne," “ Niagara,"

,” “ Trentham; ” Mrs. Robert Lowry for “Need;” Mr. A. H. Mann, Mus. Doc. for “ Cantone,” “Lampadarius; ” Mr. Horatio W. Parker, Mus. Doc. for “ Foundation," “ Garden City," " Jubilate," “ King of Glory,” “ Stella; ” Mr. H. J. Storer for “ Brothers' Voices; ” Mr. Charles Vincent, Mus. Doc. for “ Consecration," “ Hatfield Hall,” St. Ishmael,” Solatium Caritatis;" Hymns Ancient and Modern for “ Misericordia," “ Rangoon; ” Novello, Ewer & Co. for “ Day's Ending,” “ Lætitia," “ Minster," “Ransomed Church;” Trustees of the Church Hymnary (Edinburg) for “ Gratias Agimus," Highgate; ” Universalist Publishing House for “ Eaton; Wesleyan Methodist Conference (London) for “ College Chapel,” “ Downfield,” “ Gersau,” “ Harrogate," “Lynton,"

"« Noricum." A sincere effort has been made to ascertain the authorship and ownership of copyright tunes and hymns in order to secure permission for their use previous to insertion. If any copyright has been infringed, or acknowledgment omitted, the editors would tender their apologies for unintentional failure and omission, and give the assurance that these, when known, will be remedied in future editions.

The book is now sent forth with the earnest hope that, through the divine blessing, its use may help to promote a richer and more devout worship of God in the sanctuary and in the home.



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