Charles Knight's school history of England, abridged from the Popular history of England. [With] Questions, Volum 2


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Side 57 - A bill for the exclusion of the duke of York from the succession...
Side 56 - Commons for an address against the marriage of the Duke of York with the Princess of Modena. (Printed in Commons
Side 54 - It was a mad roaring time, full of extravagance ; and no wonder it was so, when the men of affairs were almost perpetually drunk.
Side 77 - What change of policy was announced in the king's speech at the opening of parliament on the 2nd of piei December ? — What measures were adopted by Pitt as war minister ? 579 — 80.
Side 106 - The new year opened with a series of trials arising out of the disturbances which followed the rejection of the Reform Bill by the House of Lords.
Side 29 - What charges were brought against the duke of Norfolk, and the earl of Surrey ? — What was the fate of Surrey ? — How was Norfolk saved ? PAGE 213 — 14.

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