The Leeds Correspondent: A Literary, Mathematical, and Philosophical Miscellany, Volum 2

John Ryley, John Gawthorp, John Whitley
James Nichols: and sold in London by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown; Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, and other booksellers., 1818 - 4 sider

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Side 232 - At twelve, the Doctor and I went to the King's house, at Kew. We had been only a few minutes in the hall, when the King and Queen came in from an airing; and, as they passed through the hall, the King called to me by name, and asked how long it was since I came from town. I answered, about an hour. ' I shall see you,' says he,
Side 235 - Appeal,' with commendation ; I praised it too ; and the queen took down the name, with a view to send for it. I was asked, whether I knew Dr. Oswald? I answered, I did not; and said, that my book was published before I read his; that Dr.
Side 233 - I gave a particular character) and Dr Cullen, the length of our vacation at Aberdeen, and the closeness of our attendance during the winter, the number of students that attend my lectures, my mode...
Side 171 - My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord: and let all flesh bless his holy name for ever and ever.
Side 234 - When I mentioned the smallness of the church livings in Scotland, he said, ' he wondered how men of liberal education would choose to become clergymen there ;' and asked, ' whether, in the remote parts of the country, the clergy, in general, were not very ignorant ?' I answered, ' No, for that education was very cheap in Scotland, and that the clergy, in general, were men of good sense, and competent learning.
Side 150 - Le plus malheureux effet de la politesse d'usage est d'enseigner l'art de se passer des vertus qu'elle imite. Qu'on nous inspire dans l'éducation l'humanité et la bienfaisance , nous aurons la politesse, ou nous n'en aurons plus besoin. Si nous n'avons pas celle qui s'annonce par les graces, nous aurons celle qui annonce, l'honnête homme et le citoyen : nous, n'aurons pas besoin de recourir à la fausseté.
Side 236 - There is something wonderfully captivating in her manner ; so that if she were only of the rank of a private gentlewoman, one could not help taking notice of her, as one of the most agreeable women in the world. Her face is much more pleasing than any of her pictures ; and in the expression of her eyes, and in her smile, there is something peculiarly engaging. When the Doctor and I came out, 'Pray,
Side 158 - Sunt autem optimae curae de salute patriae, quibus agitatus et 230 exercitatus animus velocius in hanc sedem et domum suam pervolabit ; idque ocius faciet, si iam tum, cum erit inclusus in corpore, eminebit foras et ea, quae extra erunt, contemplans quam maxime se a corpore abstrahet.
Side 3 - I really know nothing more criminal, more mean, and more ridiculous than lying. It is the production either of malice, cowardice, or vanity, and generally misses of its aim in every one of these views ; for lies are always detected sooner or later.
Side 168 - Early in the month of September, 1815, that beautiful and social tribe of the feathered race began to assemble in the neighbourhood of Rotherham, at the Willow-ground, near the Glass-house, preparatory to their migration to aa warmer climate ; and their numbers were daily • Mirror ol Hit V

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