The Silver Bell: A New Singing Book for Schools, Academies, Select Classes, and the Social Circle, Containing a Choice Selection of the Most Favorite Songs, Duetts, Trios, Quartettes, Hymn-tunes, Chants, and Pieces for Concerts and Exhibitions : Arr. with Piano-forte Accompaniment Also, a Complete Course of Elementary Instruction, with a Large Number of Exercises Suitable for Practice

S.T. Gordon, 1869 - 256 sider
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Side 139 - Though storms be sudden, and waters deep, And the harbor bar be moaning. Three corpses lay out on the shining sands In the morning gleam as the tide went down, And the women are weeping and wringing their hands For those who will never come back to the town; For men must work, and women must weep, And the sooner it's over, the sooner to sleep — And good-bye to the bar and its moaning.
Side 244 - JOY to the world — the Lord is come ! Let earth receive her King ; Let every heart prepare him room, And heaven and nature sing. 2. Joy to the earth — the Saviour reigns ! Let men their songs employ; While fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains, Repeat the sounding joy.
Side 179 - We know de promise nebber fail, An' nebber lie de word ; So like de 'postles in de jail, We waited for de Lord : An' now he open ebery door, An' trow away de key ; He tink we lub him so before, We lub him better free.
Side 139 - But men must work, and women must weep, Though storms be sudden, and waters deep, And the harbor bar be moaning.
Side 72 - Let love and friendship on that day, Hurrah! hurrah! Their choicest treasures then display, Hurrah! hurrah! And let each one perform some part, To fill with joy the warrior's heart, And we'll all feel gay When Johnny comes marching home.
Side 246 - Guide us, Saviour, In the narrow way of truth. 2 Be our strength, for we are weakness ; Be our wisdom and our guide ; May we walk in love and meekness, Nearer to our Saviour's side : Naught can harm us. While we thus in thee abide.
Side 248 - ry moun-tain side Let Free-dom ring! tern -pled hills; My heart with rap - ture thrills Like that a- bove. breathe par -take; Let rocks their si - lence break, The sound pro - long.
Side 247 - Though distresses now attend thee, And thou tread'st the thorny road, His right hand shall still defend thee; Soon He'll bring thee home to God) Therefore praise Him — Praise the great Redeemer's name.
Side 179 - We'll hab de rice an' corn ; O nebber you fear, if nebber you hear De driver blow his horn ! Ole massa on he trabbels gone ; He leaf de land behind : De Lord's breff blow him furder on, Like corn-shuck in de wind. We own de hoe, we own de plough, We own de hands dat hold ; We sell de pig, we sell de cow, But nebber chile be sold. De yam will grow, de cotton blow, We 'll hab de rice an...
Side 120 - Vainly the prophets of Baal would rend it, Vainly his worshippers pray for its fall ; Thousands have died for it, millions defend it, Emblem of justice and mercy to all : Justice that reddens the sky with her terrors, Mercy that comes with her white-handed train, Soothing all passions, redeeming all errors, Sheathing the sabre and breaking the chain. Borne on the deluge of old usurpations, Drifted our Ark o'er the desolate seas...

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