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Page 68 Rules of practice and procedure for administra

tive hearings before administrative law judges
in cases involving allegations of unlawful em-
ployment of aliens and unfair immigration-re-
lated employment practices

207 69 New restrictions on lobbying .......

232 71 Implementation of the provisions of the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act of 1986

244 73 Notifications to the Attorney General by agents of foreign governments

260 74 Civil Liberties Act redress provision

262 75 Child Protection Restoration and Penalties En

hancement Act of 1990; record-keeping provi-
sions ........

274 76 Rules of procedure for assessment of civil penal

ties for possession of certain controlled sub-

Claims under the Radiation Exposure Compensa-
tion Act .......


292 80 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act opinion procedure.. 334 CROSS REFERENCES: Customs Service, Department of the Treasury: See Customs

Duties, 19 CFR chapter I. Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury: See Internal Revenue,

26 CFR chapter I. Employees' Benefits: See title 20. Federal Trade Commission: See Commercial Practices, 16 CFR chapter I.

NOTE: Other regulations issued by the Department of Justice appear in title 4; title 8; title 21; title 45; title 48. SUPPLEMENTAL PUBLICATIONS: The official opinions of the Attorneys General of

the United States. (Op. A. G.) Irregular, 1789—; Washington, v. 1–, 1852—.

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