Highway Engineering

Wiley, 1908 - 315 pagina's

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Pagina 317 - Astronomy 8vo, 4 oo Gore's Elements of Geodesy 8vo, 2 50 Hayford's Text-book of Geodetic Astronomy 8vo, 3 oo Merriman's Elements of Precise Surveying and Geodesy 8vo, 2 so * Michie and Harlow's Practical Astronomy...
Pagina 65 - Engineer shall be of the opinion and shall so certify in writing to the...
Pagina 57 - ... in cases where they are destroyed or interfered with in the formation of the roadway, and all other excavations and embankments connected with or incidental to the construction of the said road. EXCAVATION.
Pagina 127 - Under this head will be included all excavations and embankments required for the formation of the highway, cutting all ditches or drains about or contiguous to the road, removing all fences, walls, buildings, trees, poles or other...
Pagina 198 - I - length of span, in inches - 6; b - breadth of brick, in inches • d - depth of brick, in inches. 5. Samples for test must be free from all visible irregularities of surface or deformities of shape, and their upper and lower faces must be practically parallel. 6. Not less than ten brick shall be broken, and the average of all shall be taken for a standard test.
Pagina 137 - The contractor must also preserve the roadway on which he is working from needless obstruction, and where necessary he must construct safe and commodious crossings, to be maintained in good order. He shall afford all proper and reasonable means for the accommodation of the public, and leave the roadway complete in every manner ready for immediate use.

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