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Huberta A. Prince, Law Librarian

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NOV 23 1945

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Office of the Solicitor.--

Table of Cases Cited...

Table of Overruled and Modified Cases---


Table of Statutes Cited:

(A) Statutes of the United States.-

(B) Statutes of the States and Territories.

(C) Treaties.---

Circulars of the General Land Office showing sections in Title 43, Chapter

1, Code of Federal Regulations, added, amended, or superseded during

the period March 1939 to June 1942..

Circulars Cited...


Executive Orders Cited..


Instructions Cited.---

Orders, Rules, and Regulations Cited.

Rules of Practice Cited.---.

Reported Solicitor's Opinions Cited.


Unreported Decisions and Solicitor's Opinions Cited..



Decisions of the Department of the Interior:

Keith v. Young-


Roos, Alford..


Immunity of the United States from operation of Territorial statute of


Continuance of allotment on Fort Peck Indian Reservation and ap-

proval of unapproved allotment selections..


Contracts of Canadian Indians with attorneys to prosecute claims

against the United States..


Extinguishment of United States lien on land within reclamation

project by reason of sale for State or local taxes..


McIntosh, W. P. et al.--.


Charges for rights-of-way over public lands.

Dunn, Edward D.----


Legal status of the Indian pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona-


Johnson, Raymond E.


Restricted Indian lands subject to designation as tax-exempt home-



Practice before Department by conciliation commissioner.-


Ehrhard, Clara ---


Utah Oil Refining Company -


Authority of the Department to disseminate information by radio.--- 82

Obligation of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

for damages to lands of Chemehuevi Indians...


Rogers, Raymond M.----


Stewart, Horace D. et al. v. Eastern Oregon Land Co. (On rehearing)- 95

Conly, R. C...


Decisions of the Department of the Interior-Continued.

Lingo, Archie

Cochran, Susie E, et al. v, Effie V. Bonebrake et al.,

Nicolas, Auguste..

Ellis, Walter K.

Authority of the Department to make public Bureau of Mines report

concerning mine disaster...

Burland, Henry (Restricted Indian).

Application of State sales tax laws to trade with Indians...

Application of Federal and State sales taxes to activities of Menom-

inee Indian Mills..

State of California et al. v. United States...

Eligibility of Indian tribes for loans and grants under National Hous-

ing Act of 1937.---

Legality of proposed bond issue of Puerto Rico...

Enforcement of Florida deer removal and quarantine law on Seminole

Indian Reservation --

United States v. John C. Brown.--

Gila project lands—Veterans preference provision of Boulder Canyon


Citizenship status of Indian employee

United States v. Frank Hervol..

Thorne, George I..

Del Castillo, Jose-

“Indians Not Taxed”-interpretation of constitutional provision.---

Bean, Lena M., Wendell C. Bean, James Shelton, Mortgagee and


Estate of J. N. Wells..

O'Keefe, Robert E. (On rehearing.) -

Authority of Secretary of the Interior to enter into agreement fixing

boundaries of tribal, allotted, and ceded Indian lands_

State of Washington.-

Mansfield, L. S., et al..

Right of the United States to maintain suit to quiet title.

Clark, Alice Firth.--

Shire, F. L. v. Page, John H., et al.--

Delegation of authority to sign various regulations applicable to na-

tional parks and monuments....

Brown and Root, Inc., and McKenzie Construction Company -

Lance Creek Independent Oil Producers and Royalty Owners' As-

sociation, Inc., Petitioner v. Argo Oil Corporation et al., Respondents.

Employment of aliens by government of Virgin Islands.--

United States v. Aaron Clements...

Preference rights of entry of relinquishers of former homestead entries

in Boise Reclamation Project.---

Status of aliens under Alaskan fishery laws..

Expenditure of taxes refunded to Philippine treasury -

Criminal jurisdiction over Indians on lands purchased for them with-

out State consent.----

Admission of alien workers to Virgin Islands..

Activities of city guides on the grounds of the Fort Marion National

Monument, Florida ,

Alamo Iron Works. (On rehearing.)--

Authority of the Secretary of the Interior to withdraw public lands.




Decisions of the Department of the Interior-Continued.

Authority to require employees to reimburse Government for damage

to property ----

Jurisdiction of United States Commissioners to try petty offenses on

Indian reservations.

Lewis, Samuel W. and Frank 0. Lewis v. Regional Agricultural Credit

Corporation. (On rehearing.) ---

Extradition to Indian reservations of Indian fugitives -

Scharf, Margaret, Applicant, R. E. Havenstrite, Intervener. (Motions

for rehearing and intervention)---

Applicability of mining laws to revested Oregon and California and

reconveyed Coos Bay grant lands.---

Application of Federal license taxes to native corporations in Alaska..

Texas Company, The---

Exclusion of Osage County from Oklahoma Welfare Act...

Authority to carry on soil and moisture conservation activities under

Reorganization Plan No. IV..

Deposit of security by paying agents of Puerto Rico municipal bond


Simultaneous Federal and private employment.

Groves, S. J. and Sons Company ----

Presidential authority to cause diversion and appropriation of waters

of San Carlos Irrigation Project-Phelps-Dodge Copper Company --

Park Saddle Horse Company

Line Material Company

Bartlett, W. E., et al...

Enforcement powers of coal mine inspectors of Bureau of Mines ---

Extent and Method of review by Secretary of the Interior of general

minimum price proceedings of Bituminous Coal Division --

Constitutional power of the State of Mississippi to donate a right-of-

way over lands in sixteenth sections to the United States.--.

Liability for rent accruing under canceled oil and gas exchange lease..

Exemption of Menominee Indian Mills from Federal and State

taxation on sales of oleomargarine---

Exchange of timber on park lands for privately owned lands within

the boundaries of national parks.

Maintenance and control of State and county highways within the

boundaries of Olympic National Park...

Goss, Harry L.---

Right to annual leave earned as former officer of Government of

Puerto Rico.--

Aboriginal fishing rights in Alaska --

Need for consent by coal prospecting permittee and applicant for coal

lease to Government exploration for coal.---

Habendum and payment provisions in oil and gas lease on Choctaw

Indian land.--

Liability of non-Government agencies for State sales or use taxes on

equipment used under cooperative research agreement with Interior


Ibatuan, Polly --

Algoma Lumber Company et al.

Transport Oil Company-Gibson Oil Company, Inc.

H. Channon Company -

United States v. Barngrover et al. (On rehearing)






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