The Yellow Book: An Illustrated Quarterly, Volume 2

E. Mathews & J. Lane, 1894

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Pagina 56 - And notice curious items about life! I step into my heart and there I meet A god-almighty devil singing small, Who would like to shout and whistle in the street, And squelch the passers flat against the wall ; If the whole world was a cake he had the power to .take, He would take it, ask for more, and eat it all.
Pagina 277 - GALLIENNE is a fortunate young gentleman. I don't know by what legerdemain he and his publishers work, but here, in an age as stony to poetry as the ages of Chatterton and Richard Savage, we find the full edition of his book sold before publication. How is it done, MESSRS. ELKIN MATHEWS AND JOHN LANE ? for, without depreciating MR. LE GALLIENNE'S sweetness and charm, I doubt that the marvel would have been wrought under another publisher. These publishers, indeed, produce books so delightfully that...
Pagina 55 - Three rooms about the size of travelling trunks. And we cough, my wife and I, to dislocate a sigh, When the noisy little kids are in their bunks. But you never hear her do a growl or whine, For she's made of flint and roses, very odd ; And I've got to cut my meaning rather fine, Or I'd blubber, for I'm made of greens and sod: So p'r'aps we are in Hell for all that I can tell, And lost and damn'd and served up hot to God.
Pagina 57 - A little sleeping seed, I woke — I did, indeed — A million years before the blooming sun. I woke because I thought the time had come; Beyond my will there was no other cause; And everywhere I found myself at home, Because I chose to be the thing I was; And in whatever shape of mollusc or of ape I always went according to the laws.
Pagina 282 - JOHNSON (LIONEL). THE ART OF THOMAS HARDY : Six Essays. With Etched Portrait by WM. STRANG, and Bibliography by JOHN LANE. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 5s. 6d. net. Also 150 copies, large paper, with proofs of the portrait. £i, is. net. New York : Dodd, Mead & Co.
Pagina 289 - Subscription £i per annum, post free, for the four numbers. Quarto, printed on hand-made paper, and issued in a limited edition to subscribers only. The Magazine will contain articles upon Literature, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, and the Decorative Arts; Poems ; Essays ; Fiction; original Designs; with reproductions of pictures and drawings by the old masters and contemporary artists. There will be a new titlepage and ornaments designed by the Editor. Among the contributors to the Hobby...
Pagina 277 - A WORD must be said for the manner in which the publishers •**• have produced the volume (ie "The Earth Fiend"), a sumptuous folio, printed by CONSTABLE, the etchings on Japanese paper by MR. GOULDING. The volume should add not only to MR. STRANG'S fame but to that of MESSRS. ELKIN MATHEWS AND JOHN LANE, who are rapidly gaining distinction for their beautiful editions of belles-lettres.'—Daily Chronicle, Sept. 24, 1892. Referring to MR. LE GALLIENNE'S 'English Poems' and ' Silhouettes
Pagina 140 - With the first dream that comes with the first sleep I run, I run, I am gathered to thy heart.
Pagina 55 - I ain't blaspheming, Mr. Silver-tongue; I'm saying things a bit beyond your art: Of all the rummy starts you ever sprung. Thirty bob a week's the rummiest start! With your science and your books and your the'ries about spooks, Did you ever hear of looking in your heart? I didn't mean your pocket, Mr., no: I mean that having children and a wife, With thirty bob on which to come and go.
Pagina 278 - List of Books IN BELLES LETTRES (Including some Transfers) Published by John Lane VIGO STREET, LONDON, W. NB — The Authors and Publisher reserve the right of reprinting any book in this list if a new edition is called for, except in cases where a stipulation has been made to the contrary, and of printing a separate edition of any of the books for America irrespective of the numbers to which the English editions are limited. The numbers mentioned do not include copies sent to the public libraries,...

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