A Manual of Machinery and Millwork

C. Griffin, limited, 1893 - 601 sider
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Side 31 - TRAVERSE TABLES: Computed to Four Places of Decimals for every Minute of Angle up to 100 of Distance. For the Use of Surveyors and Engineers. BY RICHARD LLOYD GURDEN, Authorised Surveyor for the Governments of New South Wales and Victoria, *»* Published with the Concurrence oj the Surveyors- General for New South Wales and Victoria. "Those who have experience in exact SURVEY-WORK will best know how to appreciate the enormous amount of labour represented by this valuable book.
Side 43 - Price 6s. A MEDICAL AND SURGICAL HELP FOR SHIPMASTERS AND OFFICERS IN THE MERCHANT NAVY. BY WM. JOHNSON SMITH, FROS, Principal Medical Officer, Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich. *»* The attention of all interested in our Merchant Navy is requested to this exceedingly...
Side 26 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON BRIDGE-CONSTRUCTION: Being a Text-Book on the Construction of Bridges in Iron and Steel. FOR THE USE OF STUDENTS, DRAUGHTSMEN, AND ENGINEERS. BY T. CLAXTON FIDLER, M. INST. CE, Late Prof, of Engineering, University College, Dundee "The new edition of Mr.
Side 42 - CONTENTS. — Resolution and Composition of Forces — Work done by Machines and Living Agents — The Mechanical Powers: The Lever; Derricks as Bent Levers — The Wheel and Axle : Windlass ; Ship's Capstan ; Crab Winch— Tackles : the "Old Man...
Side 48 - THE MEAN DENSITY OF THE EARTH : An Essay to which the Adams Prize was adjudged in 1893 in the University of Cambridge. By JH POYNTING, Sc.D., FRS, Late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of Physics, Birmingham University. In Large 8vo, with Bibliography, Illustrations in the Text, and Seven Lithographed Plates. 12s. 6d. " Cannot fail to be of GREAT and GENERAL INTEREST."— Athenteum.
Side 72 - Illustrated. ids. 6d. FLESH FOODS : With Methods for their Chemical, Microscopical, and Bacteriological Examination. A Practical Handbook for Medical Men, Analysts, Inspectors and others. BY C. AINSWORTH MITCHELL, BA, FIC, FCS " A compilation which will be most useful for the class for whom it is intended."— AtMtHtrum, 5-ONDON : CHARLES GRIFFIN & CO., LIMITED.
Side 28 - Experiments on English and Foreign Boilers with their Heat Efficiencies shown in Fifty Tables — Fire Grates of Various Types — Mechanical Stokers — Combustion of Fuel in Boilers — Transmission of Heat through Boiler Plates, and their Temperature — Feed Water Heaters, Superheaters, Feed Pumps, &c. — Smoke and its Prevention — Instruments used in Testing Boilers — Marine and Locomotive Boilers — Fuel Testing Stations — Discussion of the Trials and Conclusions — On the Choice of...
Side 79 - Public Health Engineer, LONDON : CHARLES GRIFFIN & CO., LIMITED, EXETER STREET, STRAND. VOL. I. Now READY. IN HALF MOROCCO, 24s. NET. In Two Volumes, each complete in itself. PHYSICO-CHEMICAL TABLES FOR THE USE OF ANALYSTS, PHYSICISTS, CHEMICAL MANUFACTURERS AND SCIENTIFIC CHEMISTS. Volume I.— Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry. Volume II.— Chemical Physics, Pure and Analytical Chemistry.
Side 54 - Occurrence of Minerals. — Prospecting. — Boring. — Breaking Ground. — Supporting Excavations. — Exploitation. — Haulage or Transport. — Hoisting or Winding. — Drainage. — Ventilation. — Lighting. — Descent and Ascent. — Dressing, &c. — INDEX. " A remarkably clear survey of the whole field of mining operations."— Engineer.
Side 76 - Sanitarian. In Handsome Cloth. With 59 Illustrations. 6s. net. SMOKE ABATEMENT. A Manual for the Use of Manufacturers, Inspectors, Medical Officers of Health, Engineers, and Others. BY WILLIAM NICHOLSON, Chief Smoke Inspector to the Sheffield Corporation.

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