Memoirs of the Life of Andrew Hofer; Containing an Account of the Transactions in the Tyrol During the Year 1809


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Side 174 - Emperor of the French, King of Italy, Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, Mediator of the Swiss Confederation.
Side 197 - I have now finished my relation of all the material transactions wherein I was immediately concerned ; and though I can never forget my obligations to the kindest of masters, I have been too long behind the scenes, I have had too near a view of the machinery of a court, to envy any man either the power of a minister, or the favor of princes.
Side 3 - ... old times of the Tyrol ; an enthusiastic word in favour of the emperor, or the house of Austria ; were appeals which had too powerful an effect on the feelings of Hofer ; and he who, according to the testimony of those who attended him, conducted himself in his last moments as "un eroe Christiano e martire intrepido," was for some time bathed in tears, and unable to utter a word.
Side xxi - our terror was completed by the reply that immediately followed — •' In the name of the Holy Trinity ! cut all loose above...
Side 190 - Regiment, was appointed to the command of 1600 men to take him prisoner. Besides this force, which appears enormous when we consider that it was intended merely for the capture of one unfortunate man, who, situated as he was, could not hope to...
Side 53 - a person named Chastellar, stiling himself a general in the service of Austria, the mover of the insurrection in the Tyrol, charged with being the author of the massacres committed on the Bavarian and French prisoners by the insurgents, should, upon being made prisoner, be carried immediately before a military commission, and if judged guilty, be shot within four-and- twenty hours.
Side 198 - The PLAYS and POEMS of JAMES SHIRLEY, now first collected and chronologically arranged, and the Text carefully collated and restored. With occasional Notes and a Biographical and Critical Essay. By WILLIAM GIFFORD, Esq., uniformly with MASSINGER and BEN JONSON.
Side xx - Our entrance into the passes of the Brenner was only opposed by small corps, which continued falling back, after an obstinate though short resistance. Among others, I perceived a man full eighty years of age, posted against the side of a rock, and sending death amongst our 'ranks with every shot.
Side 183 - ... resist." But, in a few days after, finding that the inhabitants of his beloved valleys were still in arms, and that further resistance was resolved on, he issued another proclamation, in which he ascribed his former intention to the advice of evil counsellors, and called on the people "still to combat in defence of your native country. I shall fight with you, and for you, as a father for his children.

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