The Mabinogion, from the Llyfr coch o Hergest, and other ancient Welsh MSS., with an Engl, Volum 2


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Side 291 - And this he will not give of his own free will, and thou wilt not be able to compel him." " It will be easy for me to compass this, although thou mayest think that it will not be easy.
Side 131 - And what is the cause of thy grief ? " " They have slain my beloved husband also," said she. " And who was it that slew them ? " " Some giants," she answered, " slew my best-beloved, and the other knight went in pursuit of them, and came back in the state thou seest, his blood flowing excessively ; but it appears to me that he did not leave the giants without killing some of them, if not all.
Side 253 - And in the youth's hand were two spears of silver, sharp, well-tempered, headed with steel, three ells in length, of an edge to wound the wind, and cause blood to flow, and swifter than the fall of the dewdrop from the blade of reed-grass upon the earth when the dew of June is at the heaviest.
Side 155 - Everich, for the wisdom that he can, Was shapelich for to ben an alderman. For catel hadden they ynough and rent, And eke hir wives wolde it wel assent: And elles certainly they were to blame.
Side 74 - And he turned his horse's head towards the knight; but the dwarf overtook him, and struck him as he had done the maiden, so that the blood coloured the scarf that Geraint wore. Then Geraint put his hand upon the hilt of his sword, but he took counsel with himself, and considered that it would be no vengeance for him to slay the dwarf, and to be attacked unarmed by the armed knight, so he returned to where Gwenhwyvar was. "Thou hast acted wisely and discreetly,
Side 112 - ... they came to an open country, with meadows on one hand and mowers mowing the meadows. And there was a river before them, and the horses bent down and drank the water. And they went up out of the river by a...
Side 102 - And he became acquainted with valiant and mighty men, until he had gained as much fame there as he had formerly done elsewhere.' And he enriched his Court, and his companions, and his nobles, with the best horses and the best arms, and with the best and most valuable jewels, and he ceased not until his fame had .flown over the face of the whole kingdom.
Side 83 - Geraint dismounted quickly. And he was wroth, and he drew his sword and rushed fiercely upon him. Then the knight also arose and drew his sword against Geraint. And they fought on foot with their swords until their arms struck sparks of fire like stars from one another; and thus they continued fighting until the blood and sweat obscured the light from their eyes.
Side 134 - So he went to the house, and brought forth his horse, and mounted him, and took up Enid from the ground, and placed her upon the horse with him. And he rode forward. And their road lay between two hedges. And the ^ night was gaining on the day. And lo ! they saw behind them the shafts of spears betwixt them and the sky, and they heard the trampling of horses and the noise of a host approaching. " I hear something following us," said he, " and I will put thee on the other side of the hedge.
Side 256 - Du the son of Ducum, and when thou didst conquer Greece in the East. And I have been in Caer Oeth and Annoeth, and in Caer Nevenhyr; nine supreme sovereigns, handsome men, saw we there, but never did I behold a man of equal dignity with him who is now at the door of the portal.

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