Public health reports (1881). v. 38 pt. 2 no. 27-52, 1923, Volum 38,Del 2,Utgaver 27-52

Surgeon General, 1924

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Side 2131 - No health department, State or local, can effectively prevent or control disease without knowledge of when, where, and under what conditions cases are occurring.
Side 2818 - Whenever Congress is about to convene, and from the prevalence of contagious sickness, or the existence of other circumstances, it would, in the opinion of the President, be hazardous to the lives or health of the members to meet at the seat of Government, the President is authorized, by proclamation, to convene Congress at such other place as he may judge proper.
Side 1946 - Morphologically, also, melitensis is readily distinguished iiom faecalis by its smaller size and by its great numbers of coccoid cells. There is given herewith a general description of melitensis, the type species of the genus Brucella: Minute rods with many coccoid cells ; (the cells of two-day cultures grown on the surface of plain agar and stained with carbol fuchsin appear about 0.5 of a micron wide and 0.5 to 2 microns long); not forming endospores; non-motile; aerobic, or preferring a slightly...
Side 2311 - The method is based on the fact that a light brownish gray suspension is formed after a few minutes when normal blood diluted with water is treated with a solution of tannic and pyrogallic acids; light carmine suspension is formed in blood having carbon monoxide in combination with all of the hemoglobin (Hb).
Side 2314 - ... carbon monoxide in air. 1. Samples of air are obtained by inserting the glass tube on the end of the scrubber into the sample bottle and aspirating the air through the sample bottle long enough to purge it of its original contents; this requires at least 25 squeezes of the bulb.
Side 2204 - All persons who in the opinion of the quarantine officer have been exposed to the infection shall be vaccinated, unless protected by a previous attack of smallpox, and detained in quarantine until the vaccination is protective against said exposure, or, if they refuse vaccination, detained in quarantine for 14 days after last exposure to the infection.
Side 2315 - When rotating the sample bottle, as much of the surface of the bottle as possible should be covered with blood solution. Every now and then the solution should be centrifugally thrown from the sides to the bottom of the bottle by a quick swinging motion, which allows a new surface to be formed and aids in reaching equilibrium. When a great many samples have to be analyzed, a motor-driven equilibrator •will save time.
Side 2720 - Council and accepted by the State Board of Health and the United States Public Health Service.
Side 2009 - The general sanitation of tourist camps, summer hotels, and resorts in respect to water supplies, disposal of sewage, garbage, and other wastes and the prevention and control of communicable diseases ; and, to that end, may prescribe the respective duties of county and local health officers ; and all county and local boards of health shall make such investigations and reports and obey such directions as the board may require or give and, under the supervision of the board, enforce such regulations....
Side 2313 - ... the finger is wrapped with the rubber hose, beginning at the base and progressing toward the tip ; massaging the finger also aids the flow. (If death has intervened, it may be difficult to obtain liquid blood, but this usually can be done during embalming.) • 2. When the blood has been produced, it is quickly drawn into the stem of the pipette to the 0.1 cc mark.

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