Steamship " Makura "—Auckland, New Zealand.

Under date of May 26, 1923, two cases of "alastrim" (smallpox) were reported on the Royal Mail steamship Makura in quarantine at Auckland, New Zealand.

The Makura left Victoria, British Columbia, April 28, for Auckland; left Honolulu May 5, arrived Auckland May 17; sailed for Sydney, Australia, May 28; sailed from Auckland June 2, 1923.

Communicable Diseases — January-March, 1923.

During the first quarter of the year 1923, communicable diseases were reported in Czechoslovakia as follows:

January-March, 1923.

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Other Diseases—January-March, 1923.

During the period under report other diseases were reported in

Czechoslovakia as follows: Anthrax, 8 cases; dysentery, 127 cases;

malaria, 5 cases; paratyphoid A, 2 cases; paratyphoid B, 12 cases;

rabies, 3 fatal cases.


Communicable Diseases.

Communicable diseases have been notified in Cuba as follows:



From abroad, 1.

s From tho interior, 16.

1 From the interior. 18.

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Icterohemorrhagic Leptospirosis—Guayaquil.

Information dated May 25, 1923, shows the occurrence of a new case of icterohemorrhagic leptospirosis at Guayaquil, Ecuador. The case occurred in a man from the mountains, 20 years old, with a history of residence of three or four months on the coast. The case was admitted to hospital April 9, 1923, and terminated fatally April 13, 1923, with nearly all the indications of the disease.

Plague-Infected Rats.

The finding of plague-infected rats has been reported in Hawaii, as follows: May 23, 1923, one plague rat found at Pohakca, Hamakua; June 2, one plague rat in the vicinity of the Pacific Sugar Co. mill, Hamakua.


Typhus Fever—January 1-May 19, 1923.

Information received under date of June 14, 1923, shows the occurrence of typhus fever in Hungary as follows: During the period January 1 to May 19, 1923, 318 cases with 36 deaths, and 30 cases remaining under treatment May 19, 1923. The cases occurred in 11 counties. For the city of Budapest, 45 cases with 11 deaths and 8 cases remaining in hospital May 19, were reported. It was officially stated that 90 per cent of the cases reported throughout Hungary occurred among gypsies and that the remaining 10 per cent were contact cases. Infected persons and contacts were stated to be kept in isolation for from two to three weeks and frequently deloused.1



During the period April 1 to 15, 1923, 22 cases of plague with 19 deaths were reported in the Island of Madagascar, occurring in the Province of Tananarive. The cases were distributed according to type, as follows: Bubonic, 5; pneumonic, 1; septicemic, 16.


Epidemic Smallpox (Reported as Alastrim)—Preventive Measures.

Information dated June 6, 1923, in regard to the smallpox (alastrim) epidemic at Martinique indicates that control measures hav« been instituted. Approximately 1,200 fumigations were reported to date. The disease was stated to be more or less restricted to the northern and western portions of the island. It was stated that the majority of American vessels had been notified in time to restrict communication with the shore and that they have employed ships crews for discharging cargo. Quarantine against the island was stated to be enforced only by American and British masters of



Fatal Case of Malaria—Frontera.

The sudden fatal termination of a case of supposed malaria, sick for one day, was reported at Frontera, Mexico, June 23, 1923.

Plague-Infected Rat—Tampico.

During the week ended April 21, 1923, the finding of a plagueinfected rat was reported at Tampico, Mexico.

1 Public Health Reports, Juno 29, 1923, p. 1502.

Plague-May 1-15, 1923.

During the period May 1 to 15, 1923, 21 cases of plague with 11 deaths were reported in Peru, occurring in nine localities. For distribution according to locality, see table below.


Lethargic Encephalitis—Damascus.

During the week ended May 21,1923, two cases of lethargic encephalitis were reported at Damascus, Syria.



The reports contained in the following tables must not bo considered as complete or final as regards either the list of countries included or the figures for the particular countries for which reports are given.

Reports Received During Week Ended July 6, 1923.'



1 From medical officers of the Public Health Service, American consuls, and other sources. For reports newed from Dec JO, 1922, to June 29, 1923, see Public Health Reports for June 29, 1923. The tables of epidemic diseases are terminated semiannually and new tables begun.

CHOLERA, PLAGUE, SMALLPOX, AND TYPHUS FEVER—Continued. Reports Received During Week Ended July 6, 1923—Continued.


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