West Virginia:

Bluefield. Charleston.. Clarksburg.. Fairmont.. Huntington... Parkersburg...

Wheeling.. Wisconsin:

Appleton.... Ashland... Beloit...... Eau Claire Fond du Lac.. Green Bay.. Janesville. Kenosha... Madison.... Manitowoc. Marinette... Milwaukee.. Oshkosh... Racine. Sheboygan.. Stevens Point. Superior..... Wansau.. West Allis.

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Yellow Fever-Bahia. A death from yellow fever was reported at Bahia, Brazil, during the week ended August 4, 1923.


Influenza Epidemic-Typhus Fever–Valparaiso. Under date of August 21, 1923, epidemic influenza was reported still prevalent at Valparaiso.

During the week ended August 18, 82 cases of typhus fever were reported present in Valparaiso, with 17 deaths.

Unofficial estimates received under date of August 14, 1923, show approximately 60 cases of smallpox present at Valparaiso, Chile, on that date, and 200 cases of typhus fever in Valparaiso and vicinity.

Mortality - Concepcion - July, 1923. During the month of July, 1923, 402 deaths (including 26 still births), of which 121 were in children under 1 year of age, were reported at Concepcion, Chile. Certain causes of death were stated as follows: Cancer, 5 deaths; croup, 4; influenza, 78; meningitis, 2; pneumonia, 109; bronchopneumonia, 24; smallpox, 1; tuberculosis, 22; typhoid fever, 1. (Population, officially estimated, 64,512.)


Communicable Diseases.
Communicable diseases have been reported in Cuba as follows:


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I From abroad, 1.
? From the interior, 22.

: From the interior, 15.
1 Public Health Reports, Sept. 7, 1923, p. 2105, and Sept. 14, 1923, p. 2188.
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Plague - August 1-15, 1923. During the period from August 1 to 15, 1923, plague was reported in Ecuador as follows: Guamote, country district, 9 cases with 2 deaths; Santa Ana (Manabi), 4 cases.

Plague-Infected Rats-Guayaquil. During the same period, out of 4,150 rats examined at Guayaquil, 8 rats were found plague infected.

GREAT BRITAIN. Births and Deaths - England and Wales - April to J ne, 192". The following table has been prepared from figures given in Quarterly Return No. 298, issued by the Registrar General of England and Wales.

The figures are provisional and subject to correction. The rates were calculated on an annual basis. The entire population was included in the computations for England and Wales, but civilians only in those for groups of towns.

Births registered during the quarter numbered 196,831, which was 3,719 less than for the second quarter of the year 1922. The deaths numbered 114,040, being 6,275 fewer than in the corresponding quarter of 1922.

Birth and death rates, England and Wales, April to June, inclusive, 1923.

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Populations (estimated): England and Wales, 38,158,000; 105 county boroughs and great towns, 19,170,420; 157 smaller towns (20,000- 50,000), 4,931,620.

A table giving similar data for the four quarters of 1922 and the first quarter of 1923 will be found on page 1107 of Public Health Reports, vol. 38, No. 25, issued June 22, 1923.

Smallpox-13 Weeks Ended June 3?, 1923. During the 13 weeks ended June 30, 1923, 707 cases of smallpox were notified in England and Wales, including 249 cases in the county borough of Gloucester. Cases of Communicable Diseases Reported During the 13 Weeks Ended June 30,

1923, England and Wales. Diphtheria................................. 0,277 | Puerperal fever............................ 538 Ophthaimia neonatorum ................... 1,710 Scarlet sever............................... 19,993 Pneumonia................................ 14,313 | Typhoid fever................ ....... 601

Case of Disease Declared not Typhus - Bootle.' According to information dated September 1, 1923, the case reported August 4, 1923, at Bootle, vicinity of Liverpool, England, to be typhus fever, has been officially declared not to be typhus.


Plague-Infected Rodent-Hamakua.
A plague-infected rodent was reported found August 16, 1923, at
Kapulena, Hamakua, Hawaii.

Smallpox (Alastrim).

During the two weeks ended August 18, 1923, 55 new cases of smallpox (reported as alastrim) were reported in the island of Jamaica. Of these, 6 cases were notified in the Parish of Kingston.

Typhoid fever -Kingston and Vicinity. During the week ended August 11, 1923, 12 cases of typhoid fever were reported at Kingston, Jamaica, and during the two weeks ended August 18, 1923, 25 cases were reported for the country in vicinity of Kingston.


Communicable Diseases-—June, 1923. During the month of June, 1923, communicable diseases vere reported in the Republic of Latvia as follows:




Cerebrospinal meningitis....
Scarlet fever.....
Typhoid fever
Typhus fever.
Whooping cough...

45 | Paratyphus, 1 case.

1 Public Health Reports, Aug. 24, 1923, p. 1934.

Dysentery-Leprosy--Rabies. During the same period, eight cases of dysentery, eight cases of leprosy, and one case of rabies were reported in the Republic of Latvia.


Plague -Tananarive Province.

During the period June 16 to 30, 1923, a death from septicemic plague was reported in Tananarive Province, Madagascar.

POLAND. Communicable Diseases-May 27-June 16, 1923. During the period May 27 to June 16, 1923, communicable diseases were notified in Poland as follows:

May 27-June 2, 1923.

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