The annual meetings of this association are always important events in the public-health world, but the meeting this year is of more than usual interest, since it ends the first 12 months of the new program adopted as a result of the reorganization of the association in 1922.

Two general sessions and 26 meetings of the scientific sessions will be held this year. In addition, many trips of technical and general interest have been planned around the historic city of Boston as part of the entertainment and educational program. On Monday evening, October 8, the formal opening session will be held, followed by a reception. On Wednesday evening, October 10, Sir Thomas Oliver, distinguished English industrial hygienist, and Dr. George E. Vincent, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, will address the second general session. The scientific program, embracing all branches of public health, will be held according to sections as follows: Public health administration, laboratory, sanitary engineering, vital statistics, child hygiene, food and drugs, industrial hygiene, public health nursing, health education and publicity.

Among the important subjects scheduled for discussion are food inspection, growth of children, full-time health officers, mental hygiene in the school program, nutrition work, the effect of so-called "moonshine" liquors, standards for schoolhouse construction and sanitation, epidemiology, better birth registration, organic heart disease, the etiology of common colds, water supply and purification, and mosquito control.

An important report of the committee on municipal health department practice will be presented in the public health administration section. At this time the announced plan for the awards to cities for distinctive community service will be discussed. The problems of health officers in small communities will be specially considered at a round-table discussion scheduled for Wednesday morning. The clinic on printed matter, which has proved valuable in past years, will be held again this year by the section on health education and publicity. At this clinic, samples of public health publicity will be examined and criticized by experts. Of special interest also is the report of the committee on health problems in education, of the child hygiene section.

In the September issue of the American Journal of Public Health will be found the preliminary annual meeting program arranged by sections, and the October number of the Journal will contain additional information.

Members of the association traveling by rail to Boston may secure a reduction of one-fourth the regular round-trip rate.

Headquarters will be at the Copley-Piaza Hotel.


Directories of the State and insular health authorities of the United States for each year from 1912 to 1922 have been published in the Public Health Reports' for the information of health officers and others interested in public-health activities. These directories have been ■ compiled from data furnished by the respective State and insular health officers and include data as to appropriations and publications.

Where an officer has been reported to be a "whole-time" health officer, that fact is indicated by an asterisk (*). For this purpose a "whole-time" officer is defined as "one who does not engage, in the practice of medicine or any other business, but devotes all his time to official duties."


Board of censors of the" State medical association,
acting as a committee of public health:
W. W. Brandon, governor, ex officio chairman,

S. W. Welch, M. D., Montgomery.
W. D. Partlow, M. D., Tuscaloosa.
J. N. Baker, M. D., Montgomery.
V. P. Gaines. M. V., Sclma.
S. G. Gay, M. D., Seima.
E. S. Sledge, M. I)., Mobile.

A. N. Steelo, M. D., .Vnniston.
U. S. Ward, M. D., Birmingham.

B. L. Wyman, M. D., Birmingham.
H. S. mil, M. V>.. Montgomery.

Executive health officer:

*S. W. Welch, M. D., State health officer,
Registrar of vital statistics:

*H. G. Perry, M. D., Montgomery.
State laboratory:

*L. C Uaveus. M. D., director, Montgomery. State sanitary engineer:

*G. H. Hazlohurst, C. E., M. C. E., Montgomery. Assistant sanitary engineers:

*H. G. Mcnke. B. C. E., Montgomery.

•C. C Klkcr, B. C. E., Montgomery.

*J. C Carter, E. M., Mongtomery.

*E. B. Johnson, C 1*. II., Montgomery.

*E. M. Craig, Montgomery.

*N. II. Rector, Montgomery.

*W. 11. Wrightson, Montgomery.

*K. F. Maxcy, assistant surgeon, United States
Public Health Service, Montgomery.

*T. II. I). Griintts, assistant surgeon, United
State: Public Health Service, Montgomery.
County organization:

*D. L. Cannon, M. D., director, Montgomery.

Public health nursing:

•Jessie L. Man-iner, R. N., director, Mont-
♦Elizabeth J. Mackenzie, R. N., assistant

director, Montgomery.
•Francis Montgomery, assistant director,
Venereal disease control:

*W. C. BlasLngame, director, Montgomery.
Field lecturer:

A. J. Dickinson, Birmingham.
Communicable diseases:


*C. A. Abole, Ch. E., director. Montgomery.

*T. B. S. Matthews, assistant director. Montgomery.

*T. A. Belser, assistant director, Montgomery. Chief clerk:

•Bessye Tucker, Montgomery.


Board of health:

Scott C. Bone, governor, Juneau.

ITarry C I)e Vighno, M. D., commissioner of health, Juneau. Executive health officer:

Harry C. De Vighne, TS. D., commissioner of health, Juneau. Assistant commissioners of health:

AVm. Ramsey, M. D., Council.

J. A. Sutherland. M. D., Fairbanks.

W. U. Chase. M. D., Cordova.
Appropriation for 1923-2-1 $12,000


Hoard of health:

Geo. W. P. Hunt, governor, president. Phoenii.
John W. Murphy, attorney general, vice presi-
dent. Phoenix.
F. T. Fahlcn, M. D.. secretory. Phoenix.

i Reprints Nos. S3, 123, 190, 268, 344, 405, 4SS, 5+4, 605, 703, and 775 from the Publie Health Reports.

Executive health officer:

F. T. Fahlen. H. D., State superintendent oJ pnblic health, Phoenix. Executive secretary:

•Texana Lea Williams, Phoenix. State registrar ot vital statistics:

F. T. Fahlon, M. D., Phoenix. Bnreau for control of venereal diseases:

F. T. Fahlen, M. D., director, Phoenix, Child hygiene division:

♦Mrs. Chas. R. Howe, director, Phoenix. •Carolina Valenzuela, R. N\, field nurse, Phoenix. ♦Margaret O'Neil, R. N., field nurse, Phoenix. •Elizabeth Arnold, R. N. •Cathlyn Kessler, R. K., field nurse, Phoenix. Bureau of vital statistics:

•Mrs. Ruby L. Jaeciucmin, statistician, Phoenix. Director State laboratory:

•Miss Jane II. Rider, Tucson.
Appropriations for fiscal year ending June
3D, 1924:

State board of health 59,500

State laboratory 4,500

Operating expense-
State board of health 6,755

State laboratory 768

Traveling expense-
State board of health 2,809

State laboratory 334

Total 21,055


Board of health:

Lsonidas Dirby, M. D., president, Harrison.
O. L. Wttliamson, M. D., Marianna.
R. O. Norris, M. D., Tuckerman.

E. H. Stevenson, M. D., Fort Smith.
H. L. Montgomery, M. D., Gravelly.
8. A. Saorhall, M. I>., Lonoke.

F. O. Mabony, M. D., El Dorado.
Executive health officer:

*C. W. OamriaoB, M. D., State health officer, Little Rock. Bureau.*! vital statistics:

•Mrs. Mary EHis Brown, statistician, Little Rock. Hygienic laboratory:

•Wm. L. Holt, ST. D., aettit? dhertor, Little Reek. Bureau of sanitation and mahwia control:

*M. 7.. Bair, chief sanitary engineer, Little Rock. Bureau of venereal disease control:

*C. W. Garrison, M. D., director, Little Roek. Bureau of child hygiene:

•Frances Sage Bradley, M. D., director. Little Rock. Appropriations lor biennial period ending June SO, 1925: Executive department, salaries and

miscellaneous 527,800

Bureau of vital statistics, salaries and

miscellaneous 28,800

Payment local registrars 29,000

Appropriations for biennial period ending
June 30, 1925—Continued.

Bureau of venereal disease control $25,000

Malaria control 10,000

Bureau of sanitation 11,400

Bureau of child hygiene 14,000

Hygienic laboratory 17,000

Total 164.000


Board of health:

George E. Ebrlght, M. D., president, San

Fred F. Gundrum, SI. D., vice president,
Walter M. Dickie, M. D., secretary, Sacra-
A. J. Scott, jr., M. D., Los Angeles.
F.dward F. Glascr, M. D., San Francisco.
Adelaide Brown. M. D., San Francisco.
Robert A. Tcers. M. D.. Colfax.
Attorney for board of health:

John C. McFarland, Los Angeles. Executive health officer:

*Walter M. Dickie, M. D., secretary and executive oilieer, State board of health, Sacramento. *Mason E. Franklin, assistant to the secretary, Sacramento. Epidemiologist:

*Frank L. Kelly. M. D-, San Francisco. District health officers:

♦Allen F. Glllihan. M. D., northern division. *(.;alvln Telfer, M. D., southern division. Sanitary inspector:

♦Edward T. Ross, Sacramento. Bnreau of vital statistics:

•L. E. Ross, director, Sacramento. Bureau of registration of nurses:

•Anne C. Janune, It. N., director, San Francisco. Bureau of tuberculosis:

•Edith L. M. Tate-Thompson, director, Sacramento. Bureau of food and drags:

♦Erwin J., director, Berkeley. Bureau of communicable diseases:

♦W. II. Kellogg, M. IJ.. director, Berkeley. Bureau of social hygiene:

♦Elizabeth McManus, director, Los Angeles. Bnre-iu ot sanrtiry engineering: •

*C. G. Gillespie, C. E., director, Berkeley. Bureau of child hygione:

♦Ellen S. Stsdtmuller, Sf. D., director, San Francisco. Appropriations for biennial period ending June 3i. 1925: For salaries of employees State

board of lieilth S3n6,2!».00

For support of State board of health 24S, Ms. 00

Total 564,656.00

Other sources of revenue:

Fees for restoration of nurses. 315 each.
Renewal of registration certificate, SI per year.
Licensing of cold-storage warehouses, rated

according to capacity.
Fines for violation of pure food and drugs act.
Fees for certified copies of records.

Publications issued by health department:
Biennial report.
Weekly bulletin.


Board of health:

G. K. Olmsted, M. D., president. Denver.

C. W. Thompson. M. D., vice president. Pueblo.

Tracy R. Love, M. D., secretary. Denver.

M. Ethel V. Fraser, M. T>., Denver.

O. W. Bumpus, D. O., Denver.

Sherman Williams, M. D., Denver.

S. R, McKelvey, M. D.. Denver.

J. M. Barney, M. D.. Denver.

A. W. Scott. Fort Collins. Executive health oliieer:

Tracy R. Love, M. D., secretary State board of health, Denver. Bacteriologist:

•Wm. C. Mitchell, M. D., Denver. Medical inspector:

*J. W. Morgan, M. D., Denver. State food and drug commissioner:

*S. II. Loeb, Denver. Divisien of venereal diseases:

•S. R. McKelvoy, M. D., director, Denver. Appropriations for fiscal year ending Nov. 30, 1924:

Salaries S23.S0O

Detention-homo fund '25,000

Laboratory equipment > 2,000

Printing and publications 1,250

Traveling expenses 4.S00

Samples and supplies ©00

Venereal diseases 20, OIK)

Incidental expenses i 2,000


Public health council:

Edward K. Root, M. D.

S. B. Overlook, M. D.

C.-E. A. Winslow, D. P. H.

James W. Knox.

Robert A. Cairns, C. E.

James A. Newlands. Executive health officer:

. 'Stanley H. O shorn, M. D„ C. T. II., commissioner of health, Hartford. Bureau of laboratories:

C. J. Bartlett, M. D., director. Bureau of sanitary engineering:

J. Frederick Jackson, director. Bureau of preventable diseases:

Millard Knowlton, M. I)., C. P. H., director. Bureau of vital statistics:

♦William C. Welling,director. Bureau of public health nursing:

•Margaret K. Stack, R. N., director. Bureau of child hygiene:

•A. Elizabeth Ingraham, M. D. Division of venereal diseases:

Daniel E. Shea, M. D.. director. Bureau of public health instruction:

Elizabeth Nickerson.

Division of mental hygiene:


Paul Waterman, M. D.

Appropriations for fiscal year ending
June 30, 1924:

General administrative expenses 117,500.00

Salary, commissioner 5,000.00

Purchase ami free distribution of

antitoxin 20,000.00

Preventable diseases 17,500.00

Vital statistics 16,000.90

Sanitary engineering SO, 000.00

Laboratory 30,000.00

Child hygiene 27,500.00

Public health nursing 10,000.00

Venereal disease control work 10,000.00

Mental hygiene 5,0O0.00

Total 177,500. CO

Federal appropriation, venereal disease

control 1.3OS.05

Publications issued by health depart-
ment: , ,,
Weekly bulletin.
Monthly bulletin.
Annual vital statistics report.
Biennial report of State department of health.


State health and welfare commission:

Win. P. Orr. M. D., president, Lewes.

Mrs. Chas. Warner, vice president, Wilmington.

Robert E. Ellegeod. M. D., Wilmington.

Margaret I. riandy, M. D., Wilmington.

Mrs. Julia S. Ashbrook, Wilmington.

Mrs. ilarland I. Huston, secretary, Seaford.

W. P. Peirce, M. D., Milford. Executive health officer:

•Arthur T. Davis, M. D., Dover. Pathologist and bacteriologist:

•Herbert J. Watson, Newark. Supervisor of nursos:

•Marie T. Loekwood, R.N. Appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1824:

Rural sanitation $3,000

Vital statistics „„. 2000

Pathological and bacteriological labora-
tory 9,000

Diphtheria antitoxin and immunizing
agents 1,500

Venereal disease, control work 2,000

Child welfare 25,000

Tuberculosis 45,000

[blocks in formation]


♦John A. Noble, "Washington. Urologist:

*W. F. Landon, Washington. Chemist:

•ThonLvs Malcolm Price, Ph. D., Washington. Chief sanitary inspector:

•C. R. liolman, Washington. Chief food inspector:

•Reid R. AsnwoHh, D. V. S., Washington. Chief medical and sanitary inspector of schools:

'Joseph A. Murphy, M. P., Washington. Appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1924:

Salaries $100,890

Prevention of communicable diseases. 40,000

Disinfcctinc. service 6,000

Isolation wards at hospitals lfl.iOO

Milk and food inspection and regula-
tion 7,200

Dispensary service, including treat-
ment of tuberculosis and venereal

diseases 12,500

Establishing and maintaining a child

hygienic service 18,000

Miscellaneous 12,235

Total 213,325

Publications issued by health department:
Weekly report by health department.
Annual report of health officer.
Monthly statement of average grade of milk


Board of health:

Cilvin T. Young, M. P., president, Plant City.

Charles H. Mann, Jacksonville.

F. Clilton Moore, M. P., Tallahassee. Executive health officer:

•Riymoud C. Torek. M. D., State health officer, Jacksonville. Bureau of vital statistics:

•Stuart G. Thompson, D. P.H., director,Jacksonville. Bureau of sanitary engineering:

•George W. Simons, jr., Jacksonville. Bureau of diagnostic laboratories:

*B. L. Arms, M. D., director, Jacksonville. Bureau of communicable disease and health units:

Bureau of child welfare:

•Mrs. Laurie Jean Reid, It. N., director, Jacksonville. Appropriation for health department:

One-half mill tax levied upon the assessable property of the State; increased from onequarter mill by 192.1 legislature. Moacy becomes available Jan. 1, 1921.

Fiscal year ends December 31.

Publications issued by health department:

Pamphlets covering all phases of public health.

Public health information disseminated the weekly and daily papers of the State.

Florida Health Note*.


Board of health:

W. H. Doughty, jr., M. D., president, Augusta.
James H. MePuflie, M. 1)., vice president,

T. F. Atwrcrombic. M. P., secretary, Atlanta.
Charles H. Richardson, M. !>., Macon.
A. D. Little, M. D., Thonmsville.
John W. Daniel, M. D., Savannah.
W. I. Hailey, M. D., Hartwell.
Fred D. Patterson, M. D., Cuthbert.
Robert F. Maddux. Atlanta.
A. C. Shamblin. M. P., Rome.
J. C. Vomer, M. 1)., Commerce.
J. L. Walker, M. I)., Waycross.
M. a. Brown, M. D., Fort Valley.
M. L. Hi ittaiu, state superintendent of schools,

ex oll'ieio, Atlanta.
Peter F. Bahnsun, State veterinarian, ex officio,
Executive health officer:

*T. F. Abercromble. M. D.. commissioner, Atlanta. •Joe P. Bowdoin. M. D., deputy commissioner, Atlanta. Division of venereal disease control:

•Joe P. Bowdoin, 11. IV, director, Atlanta. Division of county health work:

•C. E. Waller, M. I)., director, Atlanta. Division of malaria control:

*.M. A. Fort, M. D., director, Atlanta. Division of laboratories:

*T. F. Sellers, director, Atlanta. Division of sanitary engineering:

»H. C. Woodtall, director, Atlanta. Division of serology:

*E. L. Webb, director, Atlanta. State tuberculosis sanatorium:

•Edson W. Glldden,2d, M. D.,superintendent, Alto. Bureau of vital statistics:

•W. A. Davis. M. P., director, Atlanta. Division of child hygiene:

•Alice Moses, M. D., director, Atlanta. •Iila M. Alexander, M. 1)., assistant director, Atlanta. Georgia training school for mental defectives:

♦George H. Preston. M. D., ilraoewood. Division or accounting and purchasing:

<C. L. Tuisley, director, Atlanta. Appropriations for the fiscal year ending Dec. 3L 1J23:

General aprHO|>riation $81,431.00

State tuberculosis sanatorium 50.000. 00

Venereal disfasi' control K), 000.00

Total appropriation by legislature. 141,431.00

Venereal disease control (FVderal
Government funds) 2,739. 40

Central administration, county
health work (luternatioual Health
Board funds) 1,600.00

Central administration, malaria con-
trol (International Health Hoard
funds) 4,400.00

Maternity and infancy (Federal
Government funds) '13,000.00

Grand total 163.170.40

1 Tor fiscal year ending June 30, 1921.

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