Then, when you're safe from danger, riding

In some welcome port or bay; Hope be the anchor you confide in,

And Care awhile enslumber'd lay,
Or, when each can, with liquor flowing,

And good fellowship prevails ;
Let each true heart, with rapture glowing,

Drink “Success unto our sails,

WAS Monday morn, the smiling day

Came dancing from the east,
When Crispin, full of mirth and play,

Set out with joy confest;
His awl and last were laid aside,

To fuddle he set out;
On Monday it was Crispin's pride

To push the quart about,

In vain it was that flippant Nell

Her tongue did loudly rap,
And that her noise he soon might quell

He show'd his lissom strap;
She knew the sign, had felt its smart,

So made no further rout;
But let him go, with all her heart,

To push the quart about,

With other snobs he pass'd the day,

And play'd the skittle bowl; All work won't

do without some play, St, Monday cheers the soul.


From morn to night he drank and play'd,

And sang with jovial heart, Come, brother Crispin, oft he said,

Let's push about the quart.
The sun departed to the west,

And starry night came on,
When, fillid with porter of the best,

'Twas time now to be gone :
He stagger'd home, and went to bed,

No trouble in his heart,
Yet, in his dreams, this fill'd his head,

Let's push about the quart.

L IFE is chequer'd; toil and pleasure

Fill up all the various measure.
See the crew in Aannel jerkins,
Drinking, toping flip by firkins;

And as they raise the tip

To their happy lip,
On the deck is heard no other sound,

But, prithee Jack, prithee Dick,

Prithee Sam, prithee Tom, Let the can go

round. Then hark to the boatswain's whistle! whistle! Bustle, bustle, bustle, my boy;

Let us stir, let us toil:

But let's drink all the while;
For labour's the price of our joy.

Life is chequer'd; toil and pleasure
Fill up all the various measure,


Hark! the crew with sun-burnt faces,
Chanting black-ey'd Susan's graces :

And as they rais'd their notes

Through their rusty throats,
On the deck is heard no other sound, &c. &c.

Life is chequer'd; toil and pleasure
Fill up all the various measure.
Hark! the crew, their cares discarding,
With hustle-cap, or with chuck-farthing;

Still in a merry pin,

Let them lose or win,
On the deck is heard no other sound, &c. &c.

WHEN first Miss Kitty came to town,


and russet gown, Mittens nice and straw hat new, Pattens high and stockings blue; She tried the rake, she tried Spanking Jack was so clever,

So hearty and jolly; Tho'winds blew great guns,

Still he'd whistle and sing. Oh! the broom, the bonny bonny broom, The broom-Though I sweep to and fro, Yet I'd have you to know, there are sweepers To Anacreon in Heaven where he sat in full glee, A few sons of Harmony sent-A Tinker and a tailor, A soldier and a sailor-To Ease his heart and own his flame,


Young Jockey to her cottage came,
And tho’she lik’d him passing well,
She careless turn'd-A
Beggar I am, and of low degree,
And I came of a begging family,
I'm lame—but when-In
My club-room so great, I'ın seated in state,
At the head of the table-- I was, d'ye
See, a waterman, as tight and spruce as any,
From Horsley-down to Five
And twenty fidlers all of a row,
Five and twenty fidlers all of a row;
There was fiddle faddle, treble bass and double,

stop, short, flats, and sharps.
It is Bet Jenks's birth-day,
Therefore we'll keep holiday,
We come for to be merry.

WHEN mhe wars

HEN my money was gone that I gaind in And the world it did frown at my fate, What matter'd my

zeal or


honoured scars, When indifference stood at each gate?

That face that would smile when my purse was

well liu'd, Shows a different aspect to me; And, when I could nought but ingratitude find, I hied me again to the sea.

I thought

I thought 'twas unjust for to pine at my lot,

Or to bear with cold looks on the shore;
I pack'd up my trifling remnants I'd got;

And a trifle, alas ! was my store.
A handkerchief held all the treasure I had,

Which over my shoulder I threw;
Away then I trudg'd, with a heart rather sad,

To join with some jolly ship's crew.
The sea was tess troubled by far than my mind;

And, when the wide main I survey'd, I could not help thinking the world was unkind,

And Fortune a slippery jade.

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