Then here's to smiling black ey'd Sue,
The girl that's made for me and you;

The paragon of beauty ;
In her the graces all combine,
A sparkling eye, a form divine,

The gods have done their duty.


The tree now fellid by this good man,
Perhaps may form the spruce sedan,
Or wheelbarrow, where Oyster Nan

So vulgar runs her rig;
The stage, where boxers croud in flocks,
Or else the quacks, perhaps the stocks,
Or poles for signs or barber's blocks,

Where shines the parson's wig.

He makes, bold peasant ! O what grief!
The gibbet, whereon bangs the thief,
The seat where sits the great Lord Chief,

The throne, the cobler's stall :
Tis pompous life in every stage,
Makes folly's whim prize equipage,
And children's toys, crutches for age,

And coffins for us all.

Yet justice let us still afford,
The binns that hold gay Bacchus' hoard,
Those chairs and this convivial board,

Confess the woodman's stroke;
He made the press that bled the vine,
The butt that holds the generous wine,
The hall itself' where tipplers join,

To crack their mirthful joke.

THE breeze was fresh, the ship in stays,

Each breaker hush'd, the shore a haze
When Jack no more on duty callid,
His true love's tokens overhaul'd;


The broken gold, the braided hair,
The tender motto writ so fair,
Upon his 'bacco box he views,
Nancy the poet, love the muse,
If you loves I as I loves

No pair so happy as we two.
The storm, that like a shapeless wreck,
Had strew'd with rigging all the deck,
Tbext tars for sharks had given a feast,
And left the ship a hulk, hvad ceas'd;
When Jack, as with his messmates dear,
lle shar'd the grog, their hearts to chcer,
Took from his 'bacco box a quid
And spelt for comfort on the lid
If you loves I as I loves

you, No pair so happy as we two. The battle that with borror grim, llad madly ravag'd life and limb, Had scuppers drench'd with huinan gore, And widow'd many a wife, was o’er; When Jack to his companion dear, First paid the tribute of a tear, Then as his 'bacco box he held, Restor'd his confort as he spelldIf you loves I as I loves you, No pair so happy as we two. The voyage that had been long and hard, But that bad yielded full reward, That brought each sailor to his friend, Happy and rich, was at an end; Where Jack, his toils and perils o'er, Beheld bis Nancy ou the store,

He then the 'bacco box display'd,
And cry'd, and seiz'd the charming maid
If you loves I as I loves you,
No pair so happy as we two.

WITH horns and with hounds I waken the

day, And hie to my woodland walks away; I tuck up my robe, and am buskin'd soon, And tie to my forehead a waxing moon: With shouting and hooting we pierce thro' the

sky, While Echo turns huntress, and doubles the cry.


NO ease his heart, and own his fame,

Young Jockey to my cottage came;
But tho' I lik’d him passing well
I careless turn'd my spinning wheel.

My milk-white hand he did extol,
And prais'd my fingers long and small,
Unusual joy my heart did feel,
But still I turn'd my spinning wheel.

Then round about my slender waist
He clasp'd his arms, and me embrac'd;
To kiss my hand he down did kneel,
But yet I turn'd my spinning wheel.

With gentle voice I bid bim rise;
Ile bless'd my neck, my lips and eyes;
My foudness I could scarce conceal,
Yet still I turn'd my spinning whcel.
Till bolder grown, so close he press'd,
His wanton thoughts I quickly guess'd,
Then push'd him from my rock and reel,
And angry turn'd my spinning wheel.
At last when I began to chide,
He swore he meant me for his bride:
'Twas then my love I did reveal,
And flung away my spinning wheel.

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