N infancy our hopes and fears

Were to each other known,
And friendship in our riper years
Unite our hearts in one.

Unite, &e.

Release him then from this offence,

Thy love thy duty prove, Restore him with that innocence,

That first inspir'd his love.

That, &c.


Then I'll laugh, drink, and smoke, and leave

nothing to pay, But drop like a pear that is mellow, And drop like a pear that is mellow, And when cold in my coffin, I'll leave them to

say, He's gone, what a hearty good fellow!

EAR Tom, this brown jug, which now forms

with mild ale,
Of which I now drink to sweet Nán of the vale,
Was once Toby Philpot, a thirsty old soul,
As e'er crack'd a bottle, or fathom'd a bowl;
For in boozing about, 'twas his praise to excel,
And amongst jolly topers he bore off the bell.

It chanc'd, as in dog-days he sat at his ease,
In a flower-woven arbour, as gay as you please,
Withi his pipe and his pot, putting surrow away,
And with honest old stingo sat soaking his clay,
When his breath-door of life on a sudden was shut,
And he died full as big as a Dorchester butt.

His body when long in the ground it bad lain,
And time into clay had dissolv'd it again,
A potter found out in its covert so snug-
And with part of fat Toby he form'd this brown

jug. Now sacred to friendship, to mirth, and mild ale, I'll drink to my lovely sweet Nan of the vale.


VE tuneful lavrocks cheer the grove,

And sweetly smells the simmer green;
Now thro' the grove, I long to rove,

With bonny Jein of Aberdeen.
Ile's fresh and fair, as flowers in May:

As blithe a lad as o'er the green ;
How sweet the time will pass away,

Wi' bonny Jern of Aberdeen. Wi' joy I leave my father's cot,

Wiilka sport, or glen, or green; Well pleas’d to share the humble lot

Of bonny Jern of Aberdeen.

WIEN first I saw the village maiden,

Like Cymon, motionless I stood; 'Twas Iphigenia's self appearing,

So lovely, virtuous, and good.
Her cheeks outblush'd the rip'ning rose,
Her smiles can banisti mortals' woes,
So sweet, so sweet, the village maider.

So sweet, &c.
Clarissa's eyes, all eyes attracting,

Her breath Arabian spices feign;
For her like ore, wou'd avarice wander,

Adventure all, the prize to gain:
I told my love with many fears,
Which she return'd with speaking tears,
Then sigh'd, then sigh'd, the village maiden

So sweet, &c.


She sigh'd, because she had no riches,

To make her lady-like, and gay,
Tho' virtue was her only portion,

1 dard to name the wedding day;
The care of wealth, let knaves endure,
I shall be rich, and envied sure,
To gain, to gain, the village inaiden.

So sweet, &c.

O SAY, simple maid, have you form'd any Of all the rude dangers in crossing the occan;" When winds whistle shrilly, ah! won't they reTo sigh, with regret, for the grot left behind you?

mind you,

Ab! no, I will follow, and sail the world over, Nor think of my grot, when I look at my lover! The winds which blow round us, your arms for

iny pillow, Will lull us to sleep, while we're rock'd by each


O say, then, my true-love, we never will sunder, Nor shrink from the tempest, nor dread the big

thunder; Wbile constant, we'll laugh at all changes of

weather, And journey all over the world, both together.


CRE around the huge oak, which o'ershadows

my mill, The fond ivy had dar'd to.entwine; Ere the church was a ruin, that stands on the hill, Or the rook built her nest on yon pine.

Or the rook, &c.

Could I trace back the day of a far distant date,

When my forefathers toil'd in this field, And the farm I now hold on your honour's estate, Is the same which my grandfather tillid.

Is the same, &c. He dying bequeath'd to his son a good name,

Which unsullied, descended to me; For my child I'll preserve it, unblemish'd with

shame, And it still from a spot shall be free.

And it still, &c.

WHEN little on the village green

We play'd, I learnt to love her,
She seem'd to me some fairy queen,

So light tript Patty Clover.
Patty Clover, Patty Clover, &c.
So light, so light tript Patty Clover.
With ev'ry simple childislr art,

I try'd each day to move lier,
The cherry pluck'd, the bleeding heart

I gave to Patty Clover.


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