The fairest flowers to deck her breast

I chose, an infant lover,
I stole the goldfinch from the nest,

To sing to Patty Clover.

Tho' stout, I'll sure be constant still,

Nor ever be a rover;
If means increase, and coffers fill,

'Tis all for Patty Clover.

WHEN weary Sol gang’d down the west,

And siller Cynthia rose, The flower enameli'd bank I

prest, Where Chrystal Eden flows: Young Jockey sat him by my side,

I kenn'd his meaning soon;
He ask'd a kiss, I scornful cry'd,
Ah! hoot awa ye


Dear Peggy diuna flout a youth,

Nor gi' that bosom pain,
Which pants wi' honour, and wi' truth,

To take thee for its ain:
He said Mess John should us unite,

If I to kirk wad gang,
My bosom beat wi' new delight,

With him I went alang;
The bonny lad I found sincere,

Not waining like the moon,
So dear I loo him, I na mair

Will hoot awa the loon.



YEASE to blame my melancholy,

Though with sighs and folded arms,
I muse with

silence on her charms, Censure not, I know 'uis folly; Yet those mournful thoughts possessing,

Such delights I find in grief,

That could hear'n afford relief,
My fond heart would scorn the blessing.


ID from the sun, and cooliog breeze,

In a cavern's dismal gloom;
Mourning child and consort lost,

Frantic Maon courts his tomb,
Speed to his aid, much injur'd fair,
And snatch thy monarch from despair,

In early spring of life forlorn,

Summer suns his breasts ne'er cheer, Like sable night, his gloomy morn, And wint'ry sadness chills his year.

Speed to his aid, &c,

THO Fanny, was not beauty's boast,

Nor fam'd for grace and ease, Yet well inight many a western toast,

From Fanny learn to please :


Good nature smil'd in either eye,

Not affectation vain;
The artful leer, the mimic sigh,

She never dreamt would gain..

A tear for pity, tho' she had,

And felt the sufføring pang;
Yet mirth could make her heart as glad,

She'd join in dance and song:
A breast like her's, soft passion mov'd,

Beyond the common strain;
The truth of this poor Fanny prov'd,

And sunk beneath the pain.
Alas! she lov'd a gallant youth,

Yet ev'ry effort try'd
To conquer it, but such a truth,

In conquering love she died:
No more shall Fanny's kind address

The weary traveller cheer;
In clay-cold earth she's now at rest,

I saw her on the bier.

COUNG Damon was a shepherd boy,

Fa la la la la fa la la la la la la,
And much he lov'd to kiss and toy,
Fa la la la la la la fa la la la la la,

Long time he woo'd a rustic maid,
Who was of love most sore afraid ;
For when he sigh'd she only said,
Fa la la la la fa la la la la la.

For when he sigh’d, &c.
T 2


With jocund heart one morn he rose,

Fal lal lal lal lal fal lal. lal lal lal la,
Clad in his best and Sunday clothes,

Fal lal lal lal lal lal fa lal lal lal lal la,
That he this damsel's heart might gain,
He talk'd of love, he talk'd of pain,
And sung an artless love-sick strain.
Fal lal lal lal lal fal lal lal lal lal la.

And sung, &c.


Though vain I am not, nor of fopp'ry possess'd,

Would'st thou choose to be wedded to me, Thou should'st find, gentle damsel, a heart in this

breast, As joyful, as joyful can be.


to , And leave me here complaining? I'ın sure 'twould break my heart to stay, do When you are gone campaigning.

Ah! non, non, non,

Pauvre Madelon
Could never quit her rover :

Ah! non, non, non,

Pauvre Madelon
Would go with you all the world
Cheer, cheer, my love, you shall not grieve,

A soldier true you'll find me;
I should not have the heart to leave
My little girl behind me;

Ah! non, non, non,

Pauvre Madelon
Should never quit her rover :

Ah! non, non, non,

Pauvre Madelon
Shall go with me all the world over.
And can you to the battle go,

To woman's fears a stranger?
No fear my breast will ever know,
But when my love's in danger;


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