AD a sailor, kind siis, who once felt it his

To fight for his country, bis king to defend; O stop for a moment, and hear my sad story,

And doiyn, when 'tis ended, my wants to defend. I once had a sweetheart whose vows I shall never

Forget when she said it would grieve her to part, And that, happen what might, she would love me

for ever,

If time did not alter the worth of my heart. We set sail from Plymouth, a French ship gave

us battle, And I was determin’d to conquer or die, Indaunted, around me I heard the balls rattle,

And lost in the contest an arm and an eye; Yet I thought not the loss of a limb in my duty,

To Nancy or me would a sorrow impart. One eye was still left me to gaze on her beauty,

And I knew what she priz'd in me most was

my heart.

But when inaim’d and in want I gain'd Plymouth

harbour, And Nancy beheld my unfortunate plight; Next morning she married Tom Halyard of

Dover, And bade me no more venture into her sight. Now I stray, lame and helpless, through fam'd

London city, Imploring kind strangers some aid to impart, Give an alms to a sailor, kind masters, in pity,

Depriv'd of an eye, of an arm, and his heart.

[blocks in formation]

A , , ,

My honour calls me from thee: Remember thou'rt a soldier's wife,

Those tears but ill become thee. What though by duty I am callid

Where thund'ring cannons rattle; Where valour's self might stand appallid, Where valour's self might stand appallid;

When on the wings of thy dear lové,
To heaven above thy fervent orisons are flown;

The tender pray'r thou put'st up there
Shall call a guardian angel down,
Shall call a guardian angel down,

To watch me in the battle.
My safety thy fair truth shall be,

As sword and buckler serving,
My life shall be more dear to me,

Because of thy preserving.
Let peril come, let horror threat,

Let thund'ring cannons rattle,
I fearless seek the conflict's heat,
Assur'd when on the wings of love,

To heaven above, &c. Enough, -with that benignant smile

Some kindred god inspir'd thee, Who saw thy bosom void of guile,

Who wonder'd and admir'd thee; 1 go-assur'd-my life! adieu,

Though thund'ring cannons rattle, Though murd'ring carnage stalk in view, When on the wings of thy true love,

To heaven above, &c.


BEHOLD! from many a hostile shore,

And all the dangers of the main, Where tempests burst and billows roar,

Your faithful Toin returns again; Returns, and brings with him a heart, Which ne'er from Sally shall depart.

Which ne'er, &c. After long toil, and danger past,

How sweet to tread our native soil!
With conquest to come home at last,

And deck our sweethearts with the spoil!
No one to beauty should pretend,
But such as dare its rights defend.

No one, &c.

young Cit,


SWEET-scented Beau, and a simp'ring An artful Attorney, a Rake, and a Wit, Set out on the chace in pursuit of her heart, Whilst Chloe disdainfully laugh'd at their art; Androus'd by the hounds to meet the swect morn, Tantivy, she followed the echoing horn. Wit swore by his fancy, the Beau by his face, The Lawyer with quibble set out on the chace, The Cit with exactness made up his account, The Rake told hisconquests, how vast the amount! She laugh'd at their follies, and, blithe as the morn, Tantivy, she follow'd the echoing horn. Their clamorous noise rous'd a jolly young swain; Ilark forward, he cry'd, then bounc'd over the plain :


He distanc'd the Wit, the Cit, and the Beau, And won the fair nymph with hollo! hillio! Now together they sing a sweet hymn to the morn; Tantivy, they follow the echoing horn.

T the peaceful midnight hour,
Fetter'd lies in downy sleep;
Then our careful watch we keep,
Then our careful watch we kecp.
While the wolf, in nightly prowl,
Bays the moon with hideous howl;
While the wolf in nightly prowl,
Bays the moon with hideous howl;
While the wolf, in nightly prowl,
Bays the moon with hideous howl.
Gates are barrd, a vain resistance ;
Females shriek, but no assistance;
Silence, silence, or you meet your fate;
Silence, or you meet your fate-
Your keys, your jewels, cash and plate !
Your keys, your jewels,
Your jewels, cash, and plate,
Your jewels, cash, and plate,
Your jewels, cash, and plate,
Locks, bolts, and bars soon fiy asunder,
Locks, bolts, and bars soon fly asunder,
Then to rifle, rob, and plunder;
Locks, bolts, and bars, soon fly asunder,
Then to rifle, rob, and plunder,
To riie, rob, and plunder,
To rifle, rob, and plunder.



Blow high, blow low, let tempests tear

The main-mast by the board,
My heart with thoughts of thee, my dear,

And love well stord,
Shall brave all danger, scorn all fear,

The roaring winds, the raging sea,
In hopes on shore to be once more

Safe moord with thee.
Aloft, while mountains high we go,

The whistling winds that scud along,
And the surge roaring from below,

Shall my signal be to think on thee, And this shall be my song.

Blow high, &c. And on that night when all the crew

The mem'ry of their former lives O'er flowing cans of flip renew,

And drink their sweethearts and their wives, I'll heave a sigh, and think on thee; And as the ship rolls through the sea, The burden of my song shall be,

Blow high, &c.


EAR is my little native vale,

The ring-dove builds and warbles there, Close by my cot she tells her tale,

To every passing villager;
The squirrel leaps froin tree to tree,
And shells his nuts at liberty.


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