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With your smililo nonsense and all your queer

boder, Since whiskey's a liquor divine : To be sure the old Ancients, as well as the Mo

derns, Did not love a sup of good wine, Did not, &c.

Next Habbakuk rose, for they took 'em in course, But Habbakuk's cold had made Habbakuk hoarse; He declar'd he cou'dn't sing any more than the

moon, But, if Moses pleas'd, he wou'd whistle a tune


Jeremiah rose next, Sir, at Moses' desire,
Whom wit, Sır, nor wine, cou'd never inspire;
And in strains, which wou'd suit the commemo-

ration, He sung them a verse of his own Lamentation.

Then rose up little Jonah, who look'd like a jelly, For he was just come, Sir, out of the whale's

belly, For three days and three nights he was left to

despair, So he sang unto Moses what he suffer'd there. JONAH'S SONG.-Cease rude Boreas, blustering


landsmen all to me; Messmates hear a brother sailor

Sing the dangers of the sea.

In the horrid belly pent, Sir,

Think on what I suffer'd there; Forc'd to keep a disinal Lent, Sir,

And to breathe infectious air:


They next calld on Job, as a song was his forte, And they begg’d, as 'twas late, that his song might

be short : So he sung Chevy Chase, to a dismal psalm tune, Which the prophets all thought wou'd have lasted till noon.


Now Moses it seems, Sir, who good hours kept,
Whilst they sat a singing, why he sat and slept ;
But wak'd by the noise, Sir, of calling encore,
He bid them get home, for they shou'd drink no


Well-bredAaron, it seems,Sir,at this took offence, And swore want of good manners show'd want of

sense; This caus’d a dispute, some reflections were cast, But for decency's sake, we'll not mention what



troduced to a house not a hundred miles from St.James's, where it is supposed he could get no supper, for he was seen about three o'clock

in the morning to swallow dice, and eat cards. Who to his wretched parents, the misguided

youth will bring, Besides the satisfaction of doing a good action,

he shall receive a sum, far more than

Indian mines can e'er afford, He shall see the peace and comfort of a family restord.

God save the King!
O yes, O yes, O yes!

Lost, or mislaid, or stolen, or strayed,
The tears of a widow, rich, wealthy and fair,
Who nurs’d a rich old husband half a year with

tender care,
Who lov'd him not for his riches, conveniency, or

pelf, All which is very true, for she told him so her

self, All which is very, &c. Spoken.] --As this poor unfortunate young lady

was seen about two hours after her husband's death to go to the Commons to prove his will, where it is supposed, that a glance from the eye of a handsome young proctor so dried and absorbed up the tears of the disconsolate young widow, that she had never been seen to cry once since, and then was detected with an onion in her pocket handkerchief..


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Who to this wretched mourner, these same pre

cious drops will bring, Besides the satisfaction of doing a good action, Shall receive a gracious smile, which is all that

can be proffered, As they will be cry'd na more, nor any greater reward offered.

God save the King !

O yes, O yes, O yes!

Lost, or mislaid, or stolen, or strayed, The knife and fork of an alderman-a counsel

lor's wigThe dice-box of a Grecian— a parson's tythe pig --The fan of a lady-a false tooth also—and the

hair-powder license belonging to a beau. And the hair-powder license, &c. Spoken.}-As these poor unfortunate sufferers

are nearly ruined and deprived of their livelihood by the loss of these respective articles, they being their working tools, the charitable are hereby humbly requested to take into consideration their forlorn condition.

And who to these poor people, these same ar

ticles will bring, Besides the satisfaction of doing a good action, Many thanks they shall receive froin the charita

ble donors, As they are very little use to any body but the owners.

God save the King !


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