Pry'thee, Sally, speak thy mind.


Sam Sailyard lov'd Sally, the girl of his heart.... 20

Sweet maid, I hear thy frequent sigh......... 21

Since our foes to invade us have long been
preparing :

. 105
See the dawn how it rises in golden array..... . 108
Say, smiling nymph, where is thy blest abode....152
Sweet is the ship that's under sail.

Still the lark finds repose.

See the conqu’ring hero comes.



The broom bloom'd so fresh and so fair..


The father of Nancy a forester was.....


The decks were clear, the gallant band.


To Bachelors' Hall we good fellows iuvite.. 92

Tom Tackle was noble, was true to his word...... 94

Tom Clewline's heart three damsels claim'd...... 95

• 225


PASE To form me a maiden so soft and so fair.. .: 219 'Twas on a bank of daisies sweet....

222 To welcome mirth and harmless glee... Though mountains high the billows roll.


When Sandy told his tale of love....,

36 Why measter, damn tha, who beest thee.

87 When angry nations rush to arms.

90 When in war on the ocean....

. 101 When Orpheus went down to the regions below.. 102 When the drum beats to arms.... When scarce a handspike high.

:: 105 Wide o'er the treinulous sea..

..107 When first Miss Kitty came to town.. When my money was gone that I gain'd in the wars 118 With horns and with hounds I waken the day ..128 Would you know; pretty Nan, how we pass our time

129 Would you hear a sad story of woe.

136 While high the foaming surges rise.

140 While beams the bright morn.... We soldiers of Erin; so proud of the name.......155 When on board our trim vessel we joyously sailed. 157 When Phæbus begins just to peep o'er the hills... 158 Where the rising forests spreads......

:::ib. When Sol froin the east had illumined the sphere. 160

. 117

:: 149

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