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H. G. Williams; some account of,

259; specimen of, 261.
Africa, researches in, 225, 226, 473. Attestation by Miracles, the, 80.
Alford's Greek Testament, notice of,

177 ; his views of Inspiration de-
fended, 179 ; captious remarks on,

by London Quarterly Review, 180.
American Bible Union, design and

Babylon, researches in, 469.
rules of, 277.

Becket, character of, by Milman, 15.
Anglo-Biblical Institute, for improv-

Bethsaida, site of, 164.*
ing the English Version of the Bible,

Bible, Roman Catholic, in England,

Apocalypse, on the date of, 403; opi-

Biblical Literature, Library of, 429.
nion of Sir Isaac Newton, 404; pro-

Book of Common Prayer, Řomaic ver-
bably referred to by St. Paul, St.

sion of, 221.
Peter, and St. James, 408—411;

Burgess, Rev. Dr. H., his translation
early date inferred, 412.

of the Festal Letters of Athanasius,
Apollo, Temple of, in the Troad, 224.

Apology ascribed to Melito of Sardis,

Apostolic Age, history of, by Baum-

garten, 420.
Architecture of the Hindus, by Ram
Raz, 197.

Capernaum, site of, 166.
Ark in the House, the, Family Prayers,

Catechiser's Manual, by Ramsey, 429.
by Bouchier, 426.

Charge by the Bishop of Llandaff, 427.
Assyrian Antiquities, 218, 469, 470. China, Insurrection in, 236.
Athanasius, the Festal Letters of, Chinese, discoveries in, 425.

255; loss of the original Greek of, Christian Theology, first lines of, by
256; recovery of the Syriac Version Dr. Pye Smith, 181.
of, 257; translation into English, Collects, on the, 213.
by Dr. Burgess, 258; edited by Rev. | Coming Man, the, by Davis, 431.


Corbaux, Miss F., on the historical | Fig-tree, barren, erroneous exposition
origin of the Passover, 25.

of, by Dr. Cumming, 191.
Correspondence, 199, 433.

First-born, position of, in the patri-
Coutts, Mrs., memoir of, by Hether- archal Church, 288.

ington, 428.
Cowper's Works, by Gilfillan, 196.
Creation, the narrative of, a series of

visions, 434.
Crichton, D. M. Makgill, life of, 194.
Cumming, Dr., his exegetical errors,

Genesis of the Earth and of Man, 433.
191 ; defence of the Baptist Maga-

Genesis xlviii. 19, remarks on, 199.
zine from his attacks, 191.

German Theology, sceptical character

of, 94.
Cuneiform Characters found in Chinese
writings, 219 ; inscriptions, Dr.

Gnosticism and Montanism, charged
Hincks on, 231.

upon the writers of the New Testa-
Cyrus, on the identity of, 364.

ment, by Noack, 99.
God, the necessary existence of, 332

review of Gillespie on, 334; adapta-

tion of the work to repress infidelity,

333, 341.
Damascus, Assyrian mound at, 218,

“Gospel preached by Christ,” remarks

on, 204; defended, 467.
Daniel, on the times of, 364.

Great Adversary, the, discourses by
Date of the Nativity, 382.

Snape, 190.
Date of the Apocalypse, thoughts on,

Dick Bequest, report on, 198.
Disciples, the, 341; their mistaken
notions of Christ, 345.

Hebrews i. 7, remarks on, 175.
Divine Revelation, its evidences, &c.,

Historical origin of the Passover, 25,
by Dr. Dewar, 184.

Divining Rod, explanation of, 242.

Holy City, treading under foot of the,

Holy Land, three months in, 310.
Horæ Sabbaticæ, by R. Ball, 188.
Human Race, different origin of, 434,

Egypt, Monumental history of, by

Osburn, 421; Israel in, 398.
Egyptian dates of the first Passover,

Egyptians, their knowledge of the
Calendar, 295.

Inspiration and Infallibility, not ne-
Elements of divine truth, by Dr.

cessarily inseparable, 141; inspira-
Symington, 421.

tion of Holy Scriptures, by Lee, 415;
Elijah fed by ravens, explanation of,

careless mode of treating the, 417.

Intelligence, 215, 468.
Encyclopædia Britannica, the, 198.

Irving, Edward, biography of, by
English Bible, proposed revisions of,

Wilkes, 428..
268; difficulties in the way of, from

Israel in Egypt, notice of, 398; objec-
the question of text, 270; of inter-

tions to the argument of, 399.
pretation, 271; admits of improve-
ment, 279.
Ephesians, Epistle to, Notes on, by

Pridham, 190.
'Eniokotos, how rendered in the Pes- | Jay, Rev. W., final Discourses of,
chito Syriac, 209.

Jerusalem, ancient remains at, 224 :

present population of, 225; letter

from, 228.

Jews, their pursuit of Agriculture,
Family Prayers, by Bouchier, 426. I 235.

Journal of a Deputation to the East, | Mission of the Baptist's disciples to

Christ, meaning of, 155.
Journal of Royal Asiatic Society, 197; Monetary standards of Ancient Greece,

catalogue of its Arabic and Persian 471.

MSS., 197.
Job xix. 25—27, difficulties in the
way of a textual translation, 274;
strong hold of the traditionary one,

Nativity, on the date of, 382.
Jubilee Commemoration of the Bible Necessary existence of God, the, 332.
Society, at Bombay, 425.

New Publications, lists of; English,

244, 479 ; Foreign, 246, 481.
Newton, Sir Isaac, on the date of the

Apocalypse, 403.

New Testament, on the printed text
Kitto, Dr. John, death of, 249; some of, by Tregelles, 414.

account of his life, 250; his rela Noack, Ludwig, his Biblical Theology,
tions to Literature, 253.

Notices of Books, 177, 414.

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Maitland, Dr., on Romans xi. 25, &c., | Palestine, present fertility of, 225;

Agriculture in, 234.
Manse of Sunnyside, 432.

Palestine Archæological Association,
Manchester, Duke of, on the Times of address of, 219.
Daniel, 454.

Papacy, the, progressive growth of, 4;
Marvels of Science, by Fullom, 195. its probable destiny, 18; historical
Mc Cosh, Dr., his « Method of the circumstances favourable to, 4; value

Divine Government” reviewed, 349. of its labours, 10; gradual changes
Melancthonis Loci Theologici, 185. in its spirit, 22 ; its utility denied,
Melito of Sardis, supposed apology of, 460.

in a Syriac version, 298; translation Passover, the historical origin of, 25,
of into English, 300.

Memphis, exploration of ruins of, 470. Passage of the Red Sea, remarks on,
Messiah, the, as predicted in the Pen 32; partly owing to natural causes,

tateuch and Psalms, by Wolfe, 417. 32; Miss Corbaux's paper on, cri-
Method of the Divine Government, ticized, 466.

the, 349; examination of Dr. Mc Pauline, no authority for the German
Cosh's work on, 349–364.

use of term, as applied to Apostolic
Milman's History of Latin Chris teaching, 98.

tianity, 1; his freedom from preju Philobiblion Society, proposed forma-
dices, 14; character of his style, tion of, 472.
14; review of his work criticized, Pius VI., letter of, on Vernacular

translations of the Bible, 24.
Millennarianism, study of Church His Pnyx, the, site of, 240.
tory a remedy for, 21.

Pompeii, excavations at, 227.
Millie Howard, by Mrs. Lynch, 432. Preparation for Holy Orders, on, by
Miracles, the attestation by, 80.

Swainson, 193.
Miracle of the five loaves and five Pye Smith, Dr., his first Lines of
thousand, site of, 162.

Christian Theology, 181.

| Spirit of the Bible, by Higginson, 192.

Stonehenge and Gilgal, connexion of,
Ravens, 1 Kings xvii. 4–6; probably 219.
Orebim, 171.

Sunday at Home, the, 197.
Resurrection of Jesus, translation of Sun-dial of Aház, Mr. Bosanquet's
Lübkert's treatise on, 54.

paper on, 217.
Romans xi. 15, proposed translation of,
by Dr. Turnbull, examined, 271;
difficulties in the way of, 272; chap.

vii. expounded by Mr. Kidd, 418.
Russia and its people, by Gurowski, Teutonic Races, character of their

Christianity, 11.
Theologoumena, by Dr. Owen, 424.
Thilo, Dr., library of, 227.
Treading under foot the Holy City,

Sabbath Evening Readings, by Cum Tregelles on the printed text of the
ming, 190.

New Testament, 414.
Sadducees, Christ's argument with, Turnbull, Dr., his translation of the

Epistle to the Romans, 278.
Scenes in the life of Peter, by West, Twelve tribes, national restoration of,

by Chamberlain, 424.
Scripture, miscellaneous discourses and Types of Mankind, by Dr. Morton,

expositions of, by Young, 418.
Scriptures, various attempts at revision

of, 215; inspiration of, by Lee, 415.
Septuagint, edition of at Athens, ob-

jections to, 222; proposed edition of,
by Rev. F. Field, 237.

Unfulfilled predictions, folly of un-
Sermon on the Mount, exposition of, licensed speculations in, 20.

by M'Intyre, 418.
Sermons on the War, 431.
Sherwood, Mrs., life of, 194.
Songs of Degrees, origin and meaning
of the term, 39.

Vinet's history of French literature,
South Africa, discoveries in, 225, 226. | 196.

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