nominated to appoint the lecturer shall from time to time determine, giving at least six-months' notice to the person appointed to deliver the same, when the same may conveniently be done, and in no case selecting the same person as lecturer a second time within a period of five years. The payment shall be made to said lecturer, after the lectures have been printed, and received by the trustees, of all the income for the year derived from said fund, after defraying the expense of printing the lectures, and the other incidental expenses attending the same.

“The subject of such lectures shall be such as is within the terms set forth in the will of the Rev. John Bampton, for the delivery of what are known as the ‘Bampton Lectures,' at Oxford, or any other subject distinctively connected with or relating to the Christian Religion.

“The lecturer shall be appointed annually in the month of May, or as soon thereafter as can conveniently be done, by the persons who for the time being shall hold the offices of Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese in which is the Church of the Holy Trinity; the Rector of said Church; the Professor of Biblical Learning, the Professor of Systematic Divinity, and the Professor of Ecclesiastical History, in the Divinity School of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia.

“In case either of said offices are vacant, the others may nominate the lecturer.”

Under this trust the Right Reverend SAMUEL SMITH HARRIS, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Michigan, was appointed to deliver the lectures for the year 1882.




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