A Voyage into the Levant

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Side 2 - ; " "of all places the most apt to command the world." T* The last writer quoted s"poke in 1634 of " the Turks, who are the only modern people great in action, and whose empire hath so suddenly invaded the world, and...
Side 45 - Many rarities of living creatures I saw in Grand Cairo ; but the most ingenious was a nest of four-legged serpents, of two feet long, black and ugly, kept by a Frenchman ; who, when he came to handle them, they would not endure him, but ran and hid in their hole ; then would he take his cittern, and play upon it ; they, hearing his music, came all crawling to his feet, and began to climb up him, till he gave over playing ; then away they ran.
Side 8 - Ccesar and Tacitus for their huge size, which in other places is now degenerate into the ordinary proportions of men.' 1 Gaunt they may be, lean and overgrown ; but they are sons of Anak ; and though they may now seem a cowering rabble, the example of their self-liberated brothers in Montenegro and free Serbia should teach the world that in happier 1
Side 18 - wearing turbans came from thence ; and that how once the barbarous people ' having the Grecian army at a great advantage, there was no other remedy, ' but that some few should make good that narrow passage, while the main
Side 89 - They hold the foundation of all empire to consist in exact obedience, and that to depend upon exemplary severity, which is undeniable in all the world, but more notable in their state, made up of several people, different in blood, sect, and interest.
Side 4 - ... representing the object in colours, and proportions untrue : for the just censure of things is to be drawn from their end whereto they are aimed, without requiring them to our customs and ordinances, or other impertinent respects, which they acknowledge not for their touch-stone: wherefore he who passes through the several educations of men, must not try them by his own, but...
Side 10 - Boat,and tafted of the Danuby as cleare, and pure as a well, then putting my hand not an inch further, I have taken of the Sava as troubled as a...
Side 15 - ... such as are sold at Westminster Hall at four or five shillings a-piece. The youth, much taken therewith, ran and shewed it to the Bashaw, who presently sent for mee and making me sit and drink Cauphe in his presence, called for one that spake Italian and demanded of my condition, purpose, countrey and many other particulars. It was my fortune to hit his humour so right that at last he asked mee if my Law did permit me to serve under them against the Polacke, who is a Christian, promising with...
Side 4 - Nevertheless, considering that experience forgotten as if it never had been, and knowing how much I ventured for it, as little as it is, I could not but esteem it worth retaining in my own memory, though not transferring it to others.
Side 98 - Italian raihion, and fpruce, they joftled him : he not yet confidering how the place had changed his condition, ftood upon his terms, till they, with their axes and iron maces, the weapons of that country, broke two of his ribs, in which cafe we left him behind half dead, either to get back as he could, or be devoured of beafts.

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