Minnesota Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Minnesota, Volum 35

Review Publishing Company, 1887
Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Minnesota.

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Side 541 - The party in whose favor judgment is given may, at any time within five years after the entry thereof, have a writ of execution issued for its enforcement.
Side 349 - But it is also used in a more restricted sense, to express the inability of a party to pay his debts, as they become due in the ordinary course of business.
Side 143 - There Is nothing In this case to take It out of the general rule.
Side 232 - The judge may order any property of the judgment debtor, not exempt from execution, in the hands either of himself or any other person, or due to the judgment debtor, to be applied toward the satisfaction of the judgment...
Side 25 - But where the entire object of the action is to determine the personal rights and obligations of the defendants, that is, where the suit is merely in personam, constructive service in this form upon a non-resident is ineffectual for any purpose.
Side 65 - No acknowledgment or promise is sufficient evidence of a new or continuing contract, by which to take the case out of the operation of this title, unless the same is contained in some writing, signed by the party to be charged thereby.
Side 335 - No change in the form of the evidence or the mode or time or times — nothing short of actual payment of the debt, or an express release — will operate to discharge the mortgage.
Side 222 - It shall have original jurisdiction in such remedial cases as may be prescribed by law, and appellate jurisdiction in all cases, both in law and equity, but there shall be no trial by jury in said court.
Side 173 - The judicial power of the State shall be vested in a court for the trial of impeachments, a supreme court, district courts, probate courts, courts of justices of the peace, and such other courts inferior to the supreme court as may be established by law for any incorporated city or town.
Side 310 - ... during the marriage or afterward, be, without the consent of the other, examined as to any communication made by one to the other during the marriage; but this exception does not apply to a civil action or proceeding by one against the other, nor to a criminal action or proceeding for a crime committed by one against the other.

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