A guardian angel, by the author of 'A trap to catch a sunbeam'.


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Side 218 - We who read these memoirs must own to the nobility of Irving's character, the grandeur of his aims, and the extent of his powers. His friend Carlyle bears this testimony to his worth : — ' I call him, on the whole, the best man I have ever, after trial enough, found in this world, or hope to find.
Side 223 - MISERABLES. By VICTOR HUGO. AUTHORISED COPYRIGHT ENGLISH TRANSLATION. "The merits of *Les Miserables' do not merely consist in the conception of it as a whole; it abounds, page after page, with details of unequalled beauty.
Side 221 - THE LIFE OF JMW TURNER, RA, from Original Letters and Papers furnished by his Friends and Fellow Academicians. By WALTER THORNBURY. 2 vols.
Side 219 - MEMOIRS OF JANE CAMERON, FEMALE CONVICT. By a Prison Matron, Author of " Female Life in Prison." 2 vols. 21s. " This narrative, as we can well believe, is truthful in every important particular — a faithful chronicle of a woman's fall and rescue. It is a book that ought to be widely read.
Side 223 - do not, merely consist in the conception of it as a whole, it abounds page after page with details of unequalled beauty." — Quarterhr Review. " ' Les Miserables * is one of those rare works which have a strong personal interest in addition to their intrinsic importance. It is not merely the work of a truly great man, but it is his great and favourite work — the fruit of years of thought and labour.
Side 217 - The Duke of Manchester has done a welcome service to the lover of gossip and secret history by publishing these family papers. Persons who like to see greatness without the plumes and mail in which history presents it, will accept these volumes with hearty thanks to their noble editor. In them will be found something new about many...
Side 219 - TRAVELS AND ADVENTURES OF AN OFFICER'S WIFE IN INDIA, CHINA, AND NEW ZEALAND. By Mrs. MUTER, Wife of Lieut.-Colonel DD MUTER, 13th (Prince Albert's) Light Infantry. 2 vols. 21s.
Side 219 - Dr. Mouat's book, whilst forming a most important and valuable contribution to ethnology, will be read with interest by the general reader.
Side 218 - We thank Mrs. Oliphant for her beautiful and pathetic narrative. Hers is a book which few of any creed can read without some profit, and still fewer will close without regret. It is saying much, in this case, to say that the biographer is worthy of the man.
Side 217 - ... lively, picturesque, and piquant sketches of Court and Society, which render his work powerfully attractive to the general reader. The work contains varied information relating to secret Court intrigues, numerous narratives of an exciting nature, and valuable materials for authentic history. Scarcely any personage whose name figured before the world during the long period embraced by the volumes is passed over in silence.

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