The Wonder Book of the Atmosphere

F.A. Stokes Company, 1907 - 326 sider

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Side 154 - And he said also to the people, When ye see a cloud rise out of the west, straightway ye say, There cometh a shower ; and so it is.
Side 155 - I'd divide, And burn in many places ; on the topmast, The yards and bowsprit, would I flame distinctly, Then meet, and join. Jove's lightnings, the precursors O...
Side 230 - The electric fluid is attracted by points. We do not know whether this property is in lightning. But since they agree in all the particulars wherein we can already compare them, is it not probable they agree likewise in this ? Let the experiment be made.
Side 188 - One tears what he thinks to be the skin, and causes a poisonous stench ; again all retire. Shame, no doubt, now urges them on, and they tie the cause of alarm to a horse's tail, who gallops across the country, tearing it to shreds.
Side 155 - Last night I saw Saint Elmo's stars, With their glimmering lanterns, all at play On the tops of the masts and the tips of the spars, And I knew we should have foul weather to-day.
Side 3 - I then lighted the fire in the furnace, and kept it up incessantly for twelve days, the mercury being just sufficiently heated to boil. At the expiration of the second day, small red particles formed upon the surface of the mercury, and increased in size and number for the next four or five days, when they became stationary. At the end of the twelve days, seeing that the calcination of the mercury made no further progress, I let out the fire and set the vessels to cool. The volume of air contained...
Side 251 - When the streams or bands were crooked, the convolutions took place indifferently in all directions. The aurora did not continue long to the north of the zenith, but remained as high as that point for more than an hour. After which, on the moon rising, it became more and more faint, and at half-past eleven was no longer visible. " The colour of the light was most . frequently yellowish white, sometimes greenish, and once or twice a lilac tinge was remarked, when several strata appeared as it were...
Side 210 - Furca, we found the valley at the further side of the pass also filled with fog, which rose, like a wall, high above the region of actual shadow. Once on turning a corner an exclamation of surprise burst simultaneously from my companion and myself. Before each of us, and against the wall of fog, stood a spectral image of a man, of colossal dimensions ; dark as a whole, but bounded by a coloured outline. We stretched forth our arms ; the spectres did the same. We raised our alpenstocks ; the spectres...
Side 65 - The voice from above repeated its lamentations and reproaches, and the whole convent fell upon their faces, and vowed to make a reparation of their error. They accordingly chanted in full choir a De Profundis, during the intervals of which the spirit of the departed monk expressed his satisfaction at their pious exercises.
Side 3 - The volume of air contained in the body and neck of the vessel before the operation was fifty cubic inches ; and this was reduced by evaporation to forty-two or forty-three. On the other hand, I found, upon carefully collecting the red particles out of the melted mercury, that their weight was about forty-five grains. The air which remained after this operation, and which had lost a sixth of its volume by the calcination of the mercury, was no longer fit for respiration or combustion, as animals...

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