Cassell's Illustrated History of England,

During the Last 100 Years. From the Commencement of the Reign of George III. By WILLIAM HOWITT. To be completed in Two handsome Volumes. Published in WEEKLY NUMBERS, price ld.; also in Monthly Parts, 5d. and 6d. each; and QUARTERLY SECTIONS,

1s. 3d. each. Cases for binding the Volumes, 1s. 6d.

The two supplementary volumes of CASSELL'S ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF ENGLAND will form a sequel to the four Volumes already published, and will bring the records of events down to the present time, and thus supply a deficiency in the literature of our country. The Illustrations, in addition to representations of the most important events and striking scenes, include numerous authentic Portraits. Views of Public Buildings. Maps. Plans, Medals, and fac-simile copies of Original Documents, &c. &c.

Cassell's Illustrated History of England,

From the earliest Period to the Death of George II. By
WILLIAM Howitt. Complete in Four Volumes, bound

in cloth, price 6s. each.

This work is profusely embellished with engravings of a high character by Gilbert, Philippoteaux, T. H. Nicholson, F. Gilbert, 0. Jewitt, H. Linton, and other artists. The chapters relating to the manners and customs are illustrated by curious Engravings, copied from the originals in the British Museum, and other rare collections.

The Ladies' Treasury,

An Illustrated Magazine of Entertaining Literature, Education, Fine Art, Domestic Economy, Needlework, and Fashion. Published in Monthly Numbers, price 6d. Three Volumes of the LADIES' TREASURY are now published, price 6s. 6d. each, handsomely bound in cloth gilt, or with gilt edges, 7s. 6d.

The LADIES' TREASURY is profusely Illustrated with Engravings of a high order, and contains a great variety of interesting and instructive reading, admirably adapted to the Family Circle. Annual Subscription (post free), 7s. A Specimen copy will be forwarded on receipt of Six Stamps.

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Cassell's Popular Educator,

Complete in Six Volumes, crown 4to, price 4s. 6d. each, in cloth boards; or in Three Double Volumes, price 8s. 6d. each. The first 3 vols. of the " Popular Educator TM are published in a cheaper form, price 3s. each, neatly bound

in cloth ; or the 3 vols. bound in 1, price 7s. 6d. The Contents include a complete Course of Instruction in each of the following subjects:-Ancient History- Architecture -- Arithmetic - Algebra - BiographyBotany - Book-keeping — Chemistry – Drawing - English Grammar - English Composition - French-Geography - Geology-Geometry-German - GreekItalian - Latin - Mathematical Illustrations-Moral Science - Music - Natural History-Natural Philosophy-Physiology-Penmanship-Phonetic ShorthandPhysics-Physical Education Reading and Elocution-Skeleton Maps-Spanish -Theory and Practice of Teaching-Trigonometry.

“We have gone over the pages of this great work with sentiments of real wonder. The execution of every portion of it is masterly... We know no work like it. We confidently assert that there never was one like it in importance to the working man. The success has been enormous; it has oceupied and filled up a field of education, vast and most important to the community."Dublin University Magazine.

Cassell's Biblical Educator,

In Weekly Numbers, price 2d. each, and in Monthly Parts, price 9d. and 11d. each; or, complete in 2 vols., crown 4to,

price 5s. 6d. each, in cloth boards; or, 2 vols. in 1, 10s. 6d. The following subjects form 'only a portion of the varied and interesting Contents of this Work:-Literary History of the Bible-Ancient Versions of the Bible -- Biblical Chronology - Sacred Topography - Zoology of the Hebrews Minerals of the Bible - Sacred Antiquity of the Jews -- Scripture Prophecy Eminent Biblical Scholars of Modern Times – A Course of Systematic TheologyPagan Testimonies to Primitive Christianity-Sacred Geography- The Eastern Shepherd and his Flock -Botany of the Hebrews, &c.

The treatment of these subjects constitutes this work, strictly, a Biblical Cyclopædia, containing whatever it was possible to embody in such a compass relative to the prophecies, incidents, and characters of the Sacred Text; remarkable skill being shown in the adaptation and compression of the store of knowledge thus brought together. It contains many Engravings on Wood, representing Landscapes, Buildings, Monuments, Plants, Animals, Illustrations of Arts, Manners, and Customs, and whatever can be more clearly explained by pictorial than by written description.


The Youth's Educator ;

Or, Familiar Lessons on Natural History, Botany, Human
Physiology and Health, Geography, Astronomy, Electri-
city, Chemistry, The Microscope, English and French,
Arithmetic, Chronology, &c. Edited by John CASSELL.

Crown 4to, cloth boards, 8s.; with gilt edges, 9s. The title of this work has been changed from that of “Child's Educator"-the resent being considered more appropriate. It has been designed to place in the hands of the young a series of lessons on the most interesting and important subjects in an attractive form, divested as much as possible of those technical difficulties which so often prove insurmountable objects in the path of the young student. A large amount of the information it contains is equally adapted for adults; especially that large portion of the community whose opportunities of acquiring knowledge in their youth were extremely circumscribed. The work is copiously illustrated with numerous well-executed Wood Engravings.

Cassell's English Spelling and Reading Book,

With upwards of 150 Engravings on Wood. The Orthographical Portion is arranged upon the “Webster" principle of Pronunciation. 8vo, cloth, 1s.

An elementary book, combining entertainment with instruction. The Lessons in Reading are simple and easy: pleasing as to their subjects; and containing much information suited to the capacities of children.

Cassell's Lessons in English; .

Containing a Practical Grammar, adapted for the use of the Self-Educating Student. By J. R. BEARD, D.D.

12mo. In paper covers, 3s.; cloth. boards, 3s. 6d. The object of this book is to lay down the fundamental facts and principles the English Language, as distinguished from mere grammatical rules, with much simplicity and conciseness as the subject will admit, for the use of pupils and self-educating students who are anxious to obtain something more than a mere acquaintance with the rudiments of the English tongue. It is also replete with iinportant explanations, illustrating the structure of the language.


The English Language in its Elements and Forms,

With a History of its origin and Developments. Designed for the use of Pupils and of Teachers, and as a Book of General Reference. By W. C. FOWLER. 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. While this work is of such a character that every one may study it with advantage, it is also adapted for use as a reference-book for teachers in primary schools, a text book for the higher institutions, and a work which advanced students and intelligent men in professional life may keep beside them as a book of reference and occasional perusal for the cultivation and preservation of a correct taste in the use of language.

The Rules are copiously illustrated by examples.

“ We are of opinion that a more complete and comprehensive work on the English language has not yet been published."—Nottingham Review.

Cassell's Sixpenny Lessons in French,

With Rules for Pronunciation, on an entirely Novel and
Simple Plan. Reprinted in a revised form. Crown 8vo.

Paper covers, 6d. By the system adopted in this book French is learned more rapidly and solidly than by any other mode. Upwards of 65,000 copies have been sold-an undoubted proof of its merits, and of the high estimation in which it is held.

Cassell's Lessons in French ;

Containing a Complete View of the Idioms of the French
Language, in a Series of Easy and Progressive Lessons.
By Professor FASQUELLE. Revised by Professor De
LOLME. 12mo. Parts I. and II., in paper covers, 28.
each ; or in cloth, 2s. 6d. each ; complete in one volume,

cloth, 4s. 6d. In this advanced work the Lessons are made easy at first, and proceed so gradually to those which are more difficult, that the student is led on insensibly to a considerable knowledge of the idioms and the structure of the French language; this is greatly aided by a series of simple exercises, consisting of easy idiomatic French phrases to be turned into English, and corresponding English phrases to be turned into French. The value of this book is sufficiently established by the fact, that many, without any other aid, have learned to read, translate, and write the French tongue, and, in some instances, even to speak it correctly.


Key to the Exercises in Cassell's Lessons in

French. Revised by Professor De LOLME. 12mo.

Paper covers, 1s.; cloth, 1s:6d. This volume forms a key to the previous work, and affords the self-educating student valuable assistance in mastering the language.

Cassell's French Manual ;

Forming a Complete, Simple, and Practical Guide to a thorough Knowledge of Speaking the French Language.

By Professor De LOLME. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. The student of French will find this treatise invaluable. The retlected verbs, which form one of the greatest difficulties of the French language, have been treated at great length; and the use of the subjunctive has been fully and carefully explained in as comprehensive a manner as possible.

A copious vocabulary of substantives, adjectives, verbs, and particles, is given with this work.

Cassell's French and English Dictionary,

Compiled from the French Dictionaries of the French Academy, Bescherelle, Landais, &c.; from the English Dictionaries of Ogilvie, Johnson, Webster, &c.; and from the Technological and Scientific Dictionaries of both Languages. By Professors DE LOLME and WALLACE, and HENRY BRIDGEMAN. In Two Divisions: I. French-English. II. English-French. Small 8vo, cloth, 4s. 6d. each ; complete in 1 vol., cloth, 78. 6d.; or strongly bound in

leather, 9s. • Each part of this Dictionary-French-English and English-French-is remarkable for its copiousness. By employing a small, yet clear and distinct type, space has been found to enrich its columns with many words of daily use, found in no other similar work extant. The editors have studiously endeavoured to translate our examples and proverbs, not in a literal manner, but by their real equivalents, and to render our definitions concise, clear, and true. The Dictionary is preceded by a chapter on the pronunciation of the French language, and appended is a Table of Irregular and Defective Verbs, which the student will find of considerable assistance. No pains have been spared to make this work perfect.


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