Afternoon Session.

The Association was called to order by the President.

On motion of Mr. Rickoff, a committee was appointed, consisting of Messrs. Deuel, of Urbana, Caldwell, of Gallipolis, Curran, of Glendale, McMillan, of Youngstown, and Carlton, of Sandusky, to report nominations of officers for the ensuing year.

The President appointed Messrs. Henkle of Salem, Crosby, of Cincinnati, and Watkins, of Marion, committee on place of holding next session of the Association.

The order of miscellaneous business was announced, on which Hon. J. A. Norris, State School Commissioner, presented the following:

Resolved, That a committee of five, of whom the President, Capt. Wm. Mitchell, shall be chairman, be appointed to coöperate with the State Commissioner in procuring proper legislation, and that persons in each county may be added to the committee at its option.

The resolution was spoken to by Messrs. Norris, Rickoff, Howard, Johnson, Reinmund, Curran, and Sterling, and passed the Association by a unanimous vote.

The chair appointed upon the committee Messrs. M. F. Cowdery, of Sandusky, W. D. Henkle, of Salem, Eli T. Tappan, of Athens, and John Hancock, of Cincinnati.

Mr. Rickoff, chairman of the Executive Committee, announced an “experience meeting" for Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Crosby, of Cincinnati, chairman of Committee on High Schools continued from last annual session, reported that the committee recommend the dropping of the resolution of last year which suggested prize scholarships, and offered the following to be inserted as the third in the series offered on this subject last year:

Resolved, That we maintain the doctrine that it is the true office of the Public Schools to meet thoroughly and completely the local educational wants of the community; and to this end High Schools should be established and liberally sustained in every locality where the population will justify.

Also, the following to be added to the fourth resolution : - And particularly that efforts be made to found scholarships in these schools, whereby meritorious pupils may be assisted to remain in school till their education is completed.

Discussed by Messrs. Rickoff, Young, Harding, Hartshorn, and Woollard. The committee did not regard the report as complete, and asked further time. Granted.

The President then announced the order of business to be the discussion of Teachers' Institutes.

The subject was spoken upon by Hon. E. E. White, of Columbus, Gov. Cox, Mr. W. D. Henkle, of Salem, and President Hartshorn, of Mt. Union College.

The Association adjourned to 8 o'clock P. M.

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After calling the Association to order, the President introduced Gov. Cox, who proceeded to deliver the Annual Address.

At its conclusion, the Association adopted unanimously a resolution offered by Pres. Andrews, of Marietta College, expressing their thanks to the Governor for his excellent address, and soliciting a copy of the same for publication.

Mr. Rickoff, chairman of the Executive Committee, announced that Mrs. Mary Howe Smith would be present on Wednesday morning, and deliver a lecture on the subject of Geography and the mode of teaching it.

On motion of Mr. Rickoff, it was determined that the final adjournment of this session of the Association shall be at the close of the afternoon session of Wednesday, July 3.

Adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock A. M., Wednesday.

Wednesday -- Morning Session.

The Association was called to order by the President.
Prayer by Pres. 0. N. Hartshorn.

On motion of Mr. Johnson, of Ashtabula county, Messrs. J. C. Harper, of Bucyrus, and S. J. Kirkwood, of Tiffin, were added to the committee to coöperate with the State School Commissioner.

On motion of Pres. Hartshorn, the subject of Teachers' Institutes was referred to the same committee.

On recommendation of the committee on place of holding next annual session of the Association, Dayton was selected.

Mr. Rickoff, of Cincinnati, introduced a resolution opposing the present mode of appointing cadets to military and naval schools.

Discussed by Messrs. Hancock and Woollard, of Cincinnati, and Schuyler, of Norwalk.

The hour having arrived which had been assigned to the lecture of Mrs. Smith, the above resolution, on motion of Mr. Rickoff, was laid on the table.

The President then introduced, Mrs. Mary Howe Smith, of Oswego, to whose lecture the Association listened with great attention and interest, and at its close, expressed their appreciation of the same by a rising vote of thanks.

On motion, the sentiments contained in the address were adopted, the vote being unanimous.

Mr. Henkle called attention to the merits of the EDUCATIONAL MONTHLY as the official organ of the Association, and to statements from high sources of its excellence in tone and character. It ought to be read by every teacher in the State.

Mr. Hadley, of Indiana, extended to the members of the Association an invitation to attend the next convention of the teachers of Indiana.

Mr. Edwards, of Troy, offered the following:

Resolved, That a committee of five persons, consisting of the State School Commissioner, two connected with our Colleges, and two with our Public Schools, be appointed to report on the true relations of the College and Public School systems, and, if practicable, to recommend a uniform course of study to be pursued in these institutions.

Laid on the table.

Afternoon Session.


The Association was called to order by the President.

Mr. Reinmund, chairman of the Committee on Truancy, continued from session of 1866, presented the following report:

Your committee appointed two years ago to memorialize the Legislature on the subject of Truancy, and continued at our last session, would respectfully remind the Association that a Report of the committee was presented last year, giving an account of the unsuccessful effort made by the committee during the preceding session of the Legislature, to secure the passage of a Truant

The passage of the County Superintendency bill having been specially pressed upon our Legislature last winter, and not wishing to embarrass said effort, the committee thought it advisable not to renew its memorial on Truancy at that time.

We now recommend that this matter be referred to the general committee appointed to coöperate with the State School Commissioner on County Supervision and Institutes, and that this committee be discharged. (Signed)

M. F. COWDERY, Committee.


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On motion of Mr. Edwards, the report was accepted and approved, and the committee discharged as desired.

On motion of Mr. Henkle, a Committee on Resolutions, consisting of Messrs. T. C. Mendenhall, of Middletown and R. McMillan, of Youngstown, was appointed and instructed to report at once.

On motion of Mr. Rickoff, the resolution offered during the morning session, concerning the nomination of candidates for appointment in the United States naval and military schools, was taken from the table.

After some discussion, Mr. Deuel, of Urbana, offered the following as a substitute:

Resolved, That appointments of cadets to West Point and the Naval Academy should be made upon competitive examination.

The resolution was adopted without discussion.

Mr. Deuel, chairman of Committee on Nominations for officers of Association for ensuing year, reported as follows: For President-Mr. W. D. Henkle, of Salem.

Vice Presidents—Messrs. R. W. Stevenson, of Norwalk; Prof. W. H.

Young, of Athens; and John Bolton, of Portsmouth.
Recording Secretary-Col. S. M. Barber, of Ashland.
Corresponding Secretary-Mr. J. C. Harper, of Bucyrus.
Treasurer—Mr. Allen Armstrong, of Springfield.

Auditor-Mr. John Hancock, of Cincinnati.
Executive Committee Messrs. M. F. Cowdery, of Sandusky; 0. S. Cook, of
Dayton; Dr. T. Sterling, of Cleveland; G. S. Ormsby, of Xenia ; and G. A.
Carnahan, of Cincinnati.

On motion, the report was received, the officers elected by acclamation, and the committee discharged.

It was then announced that the order of exercises would be reports from the several counties of the State.

The President first called upon gentlemen from other States.

Mr. Rolfe, of Chicago, Illinois, gave a cheering account of the present excellent condition and decidedly progressive character of the schools of Illinois. Referred especially to the advantages they derive from County School Snperintendence. The teachers of that State regard it as the chief excellence of their school system.

Mr. Aikins, of Pennsylvania, expressed great pleasure in being present with the Association. Reported that the schools of his State were in a very prosperous condition, and attributed their prosperity mainly to the workings of the system of county supervision.



The counties were then called, and brief responses given by the delegates. A feeling of great encouragement was expressed on the part of all, and a general conviction that there are many evidences which prove our school system to be of a superior character and progressive in its nature, though not so decidedly progressive in the country districts as it is desirable it should be. The opinion was expressed that there might and should be some approach to gradation in the schools of a township, and that this gradation could most easily and certainly be effected through the agency of county superintendence.

After these reports from counties, Mr. Reinmund offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That the appointment of the Hon. Henry Barnard as the head of the department of education at Washington, gives us great satisfaction; and that we believe his appointment is a just recognition of his great sacrifices and services in behalf of the cause of education.

The Hon. John A. Norris offered the following: WHEREAS, Dr. O. N. Hartshorn, President of Mt. Union College, O., is about

to visit Europe to investigate the systems of instruction in European States : Therefore,

Resolved, That Pres. Hartshorn be requested to bring before this Association at its next regular session, such infor ion resulting from his investigations as may, in his judgment, be deemed worthy of the consideration of this Association.

The resolution was unanimously adopted.

The following resolution was presented by Mr. Deuel, of Urbana, and adopted by the Associaton: Resolved, That the Executive Committee be instructed to pay the

expenses of those members of the committee who, under appointment of the Association, went to Columbus to assist in drafting, and securing the passage of the County Superintendency bill.

The Committee on Resolutions presented the following report, which was adopted:

Resolved, That the thanks of this Association be tendered to the citizens of Springfield for the very generous manner in which they have received and entertained the delegates and members, especially in view of the fact that a much larger number has been in attendance than usual—this being one of the largest meetings ever held; that our thanks are due to the officers of the First Presbyterian Church for their kindness in granting their place of worship for the use of the Association; to the officers of the Railroad Companies who have agreed to return delegates free; to the several Reporters in attendance, especially the Springfield Republic, which has devoted so large a portion of its space to a detailed and accurate report of our proceedings; and, finally, to our worthy President and the other officers for the most able and gentlemanly manner in which they have conducted the business of the Association. (Signed)


} Committee. .

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