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The following Papers are repriuted from the ABERDEEN FREE PRESS, in which they have been appearing at intervals during the last two years. They are meant to be contributions, so far, to the philosophy of our modern society. But, aware that such Essays must conform to the limits and requirements of the original medium of publication, intelligent readers will not expect to find in them a systematic, and still less an exhaustive treatment of the subject. The writer has had one leading and definite object in view throughout. Regarding Religion as the ultimate element of social cohesion, and Christianity as supplying the only force that can secure for civilised communities continued progress, he has striven to bring our social evils, and perilous social tendencies, into the light of this great truth; at the same time subjecting to the test of facts some of the more prominent social theories opposed to it. The earlier papers of the series were printed before the death of Mr. Buckle, but the writer sees no reason for modifying either the tone or substance of the criticisms on his system, which, indeed, presents us only with the lucid concentration of a wide-spread phase of current opinion.

There are many other features and tendencies of modern society, as well as of modern thought, which the writer would

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