The Law Times, Volum 34

Office of The Law times, 1860

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Side 153 - ... any written statement or account which he shall know to be false in any material particular...
Side 127 - Be it therefore enacted, that whensoever the death of a person shall be caused by wrongful act, neglect or default, and the act, neglect or default is such as would (if death had not ensued) have entitled the party injured to maintain an action and recover damages in respect thereof...
Side 27 - That no appointment made by will, in exercise of any power, shall be valid, unless the same be executed in manner herein-before required; and every will executed in manner hereinbefore required shall, so far as respects the execution and attestation thereof, be a valid execution of a power of appointment by will, notwithstanding it shall have been expressly required that a will made in exercise of such power should be executed with some additional or other form of execution or solemnity.
Side 159 - ... and which bill shall either be subscribed with the proper hand of such Attorney or Solicitor, (or, in the case of a partnership, by any of the partners, either with his own name, or with the name or style of such partnership), or of the executor, administrator, or assignee of such Attorney or Solicitor, or be enclosed in or accompanied by a letter subscribed in like manner referring to such bill...
Side 140 - Appellant," shall, within three days after receiving such case, transmit the same to the court named in his application, first giving notice in writing of such appeal, with a copy of the case so stated and signed, to the other party to the proceeding in which the determination was given hereinafter called " the Respondent
Side 99 - Descent; and when any Land shall have been limited, by any Assurance executed after the said Thirty first Day of December One thousand eight hundred and thirty-three, to the Person or to the Heirs of the Person who shall thereby have conveyed the same Land, such Person shall be considered to have acquired the same as a Purchaser by virtue of such Assurance, and shall not be considered to be entitled thereto as his former Estate or Part thereof.
Side 21 - ... who shall enter into any agreement, verbal or written, among themselves, for the purpose of fixing the rate of wages or prices which the parties entering...
Side 21 - ... or if any person shall by violence to the person or property of another, or by threats or intimidation, or by molesting or in any way obstructing another, force or endeavour to force any manufacturer or person carrying on any trade or business, to make any alteration in his mode of regulating, managing, conducting or carrying on such manufacture, trade, or business, or to limit the number of his apprentices, or the number or description of his journeymen, workmen, or servants...
Side 99 - ... shall be considered to have been the purchaser unless it shall be proved that he inherited the same ; and in like manner the last person from whom the land shall be proved to have been inherited shall in every case be considered to have been the purchaser, unless it shall be proved that he inherited the same.
Side 59 - ... will (if any) shall have the same or the like power of raising the said moneys as is hereinbefore vested in the devisee or devisees in trust of the said hereditaments, and such power shall from time to time devolve to and become vested in the person or persons (if any) in whom the executorship shall for the time being be vested: but any sale or mortgage under this Act shall operate only on the estate and interest, whether legal or equitable, of the testator, and shall not render it unnecessary...

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