The Rise and Progress of British Opium Smuggling: The Illegality of the East India Company's Monopoly of the Drug; and Its Injurious Effects Upon India, China, and the Commerce of Great Britain. Five Letters Addressed to the Earl of Shaftesbury

Judd and Glass, 1856 - 80 sider

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Side 20 - Woe unto the world because of offences ; for it must needs be that offences come, but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh.
Side 58 - It is true I cannot prevent the introduction of the flowing poison ; gain-seeking and corrupt men will for profit and sensuality, defeat my wishes ; but nothing will induce me to derive a revenue from the vice and misery of my people.
Side 13 - Assam will soon be infected with the opium mania; that dreadful plague which has depopulated this beautiful countjy, turned it into a land of wild beasts, with which it is overrun, and has degenerated the Assamese from a fine race of people, to the most abject, servile, crafty, and demoralized race in India. " This vile drug has kept, and does now keep, down the population ; the women have fewer children compared with those of other countries, and the children seldom live to become old men, but in...
Side 12 - I might here observe that the British ' Government would confer a lasting blessing on the Assamese ' and the new settlers, if immediate and active measures were ' taken to put down the cultivation of opium in Assam, and ' afterwards to stop its importation by levying high duties on 'opium.
Side 80 - Were it possible to prevent the use of the drug altogether, except strictly for the purpose of medicine, we would gladly do it in compassion to mankind ; but this being absolutely impracticable, we can only endeavour to regulate and palliate an evil which cannot be eradicated.
Side 14 - The use of opium, it must be confessed and lamented, has struck deep into the habits, and extended its malignant influence to the morals of the people, and is likely to perpetuate its power in degrading their character and enervating their energies, as long as the European government, overlooking every consideration of policy and humanity, shall allow a paltry addition to their finances to outweigh all regard to the ultimate happiness and prosperity of the country.
Side 77 - ... are at liberty to reject it; for that were to set the judicial power above that of the legislature, which would be subversive of all government. But where some collateral matter arises out of the general words, and happens to be unreasonable; there the judges are in decency to conclude that this consequence was not foreseen by the parliament, and therefore they are at liberty to expound the statute by equity, and only quoad hoc disregard it.
Side 77 - Lastly, acts of parliament that are impossible to be performed are of no validity : and if there arise out of them collaterally any absurd consequences, manifestly contradictory to common reason, they are, with regard to those collateral consequences, void.
Side 60 - There is but one point of difference, between the intoxication of ardent spirits and that of opium, deserving of particular attention here. And that is the tenfold force with which every argument against the former applies to the latter. There is no slavery on earth to name with the bondage into which opium casts its victim. There is scarcely one known instance of escape from its toils, when once they have fairly enveloped a man.
Side 72 - ... hereditaments, and property whatsoever which may not be retained for the purposes of the Government of the said territories, and get in all debts due to them on account of the commercial branch of their affairs, and reduce their commercial establishments as the same shall become unnecessary, and discontinue and abstain from all commercial business which shall not be incident to the closing of their actual concerns, and to the conversion into money of the property hereinbefore directed to be sold,...

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