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It is customary, on introducing a periodical work to the public, to offer a few remarks on its design, and to make a great many promises as to its execution. We would willingly offer as long a prologue as the most scrupulous observer of common customs could require; but the truth is, that we have nothing to say. We have little to ask or to communicate. We neither disdain nor deprecate criticism. We will not urge claims to peculiar favor, on the score of youth; for we are confident that no such favor will be extended. We shall listen with becoming patience and modesty to the remarks that may be called forth by our labors; and will profit by them to the extent of our ability.

Our project has met with more opposition than we had anticipated. Old and wise men have frowned upon it; private prejudices have operated against it. But we have been favored with the encouragement of so many whose praise is honorable, and whose kind attentions are flattering, that it must be forgiven us, if we unwisely disregard less pleasant and less courteous advisers.

We will not enter into a long explanation of our plans and purposes. It will be much easier six months hence to tell what we have done, than to define now what we intend to do.

It must be confessed that we are by no means indifferent to the reception our work may meet with. From the public, beyond the immediate circle of our individual friends,

we can of course expect no sympathy or assistance. To the students, who are engaged with us in our collegiate duties, and with whom we are in the habit of daily and familiar intercourse; and to those who, in past years, have enjoyed the privileges and pleasures we are now enjoying, we look principally for countenance and support. To them, therefore, we would respectfully dedicate our undertaking.

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