Computer Games and Software Engineering

Kendra M. L. Cooper, Walt Scacchi
CRC Press, 8. mai 2015 - 311 sider

Computer games represent a significant software application domain for innovative research in software engineering techniques and technologies. Game developers, whether focusing on entertainment-market opportunities or game-based applications in non-entertainment domains, thus share a common interest with software engineers and developers on how to best engineer game software.

Featuring contributions from leading experts in software engineering, the book provides a comprehensive introduction to computer game software development that includes its history as well as emerging research on the interaction between these two traditionally distinct fields.

An ideal reference for software engineers, developers, and researchers, this book explores game programming and development from a software engineering perspective. It introduces the latest research in computer game software engineering (CGSE) and covers topics such as HALO (Highly Addictive, sociaLly Optimized) software engineering, multi-player outdoor smartphone games, gamifying sports software, and artificial intelligence in games.

The book explores the use of games in software engineering education extensively. It also covers game software requirements engineering, game software architecture and design approaches, game software testing and usability assessment, game development frameworks and reusability techniques, and game scalability infrastructure, including support for mobile devices and web-based services.


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Use of Game Development in Computer Science and Software Engineering Education
ModelDriven Engineering of Serious Educational Games Integrating Learning Objectives for SubjectSpecific Topics and Transferable Skills
A Gameful Approach to Teaching Software Design and Software Testing
Educational Software Engineering Where Software Engineering Education and Gaming Meet
Adaptive Serious Games
RESTful ClientServer Architecture A Scalable Architecture for Massively Multiuser Online Environments
Software Engineering Challenges of Multiplayer Outdoor Smart Phone Games
Understanding User Behavior at Three Scales The AGoogleADay Story
Modular Reuse of AI Behaviors for Digital Games
Repurposing Game Play Mechanics as a Technique for Designing Game Based Virtual Worlds
Emerging Research Challenges in Computer Games and Software Engineering
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